Facebook Phone Contacts, visible to everyone or not?

The rumors that your Phone contacts are visible to everyone on Facebook are not true, claimed Facebook on Thrusday (August 11th 2011). According to these rumors all the Facebook friend’s contact numbers in contact list of your phone was set visible to everyone on Facebook by Facebook officials but Facebook denied it.

The actual thing is that these numbers are not visible to everyone or even your frineds on Facebook. These numbers are only visible to you and are used for ease of access so that you can directly call a facebook friend from your phone just by clicking it. To enhance this thing Facebook also launched a new feature i.e “Request your Friend’s phone number” which’s available on platform’s like Facebook for BlackBerry and iPhone.

Since from the beginning, Facebook is very much concerned about it’s user privacy and they have a good privacy policy. They can’t even think of making all the contacts visible to everyone on Facebook so just Chill and enjoy Facebooking! 🙂

How to access your Facebook’s contact list?

To access your Facebook contact list open your Facebook homepage from your PC browser. Now click “Account” on the top right of the page and select “Edit Friends” from the drop down list.

Now on the left sidebar, third option will be “Contacts”. Click on that to access your Facebook phonebook and see your Facebook friend’s contact information.

facebook phonebook

You can also use this link to access phone numbers of your Facebook friends. https://www.facebook.com/friends/edit/?sk=phonebook. Stay connected for more Facebook updates.