Angry Birds are Flying into Google Plus!

Google Plus has grown very fast over the past month and a half. It does not have a lot of features except sharing links, posts, images and nice Hangout feature. Last night, Google has started rolling out games on their new social network offering.

The new Games option will show up above the Streams. Click on it will take users to a different ‘Games’ page which will allow users to play online.

Google+ Games Features

The ‘Games’ feature will rest as a separate page and hence all the updates should be relegated to that page. I guess this is different from games on Facebook which end up updating achievements on the ‘wall’ and can upset a lot of friends who are not at all interested in playing these games.


The new games on offer will obviously impact Facebook or at least throws a direct challenge to them. One of the main reasons why people spend a lot of time on Facebook are games like Farmville and Mafia which had active followers in their millions.

Angry Birds already has a Chrome app and now seems to be closer to Google by making an appearance on Google+. It might also give some of these games the social element which was missing previously.


The feature on Google+ will be rolled out soon, if you have it available do drop in your views about Google+ Games.


Techno August 12, 2011

Google plus copying from features from facebook.

Aditya Kane August 12, 2011

@Techno: I do not think this is copying – unless they copied the code or something. You can have rights to a process, content or a product but not a concept like having games on a social network.

Eddy August 13, 2011

Waiting for it to become available. Thanks for the post.

Bharath Mandava August 13, 2011

Now this is the real combat…lets see how facebook reacts 🙂

Ofis Mobilyalari August 15, 2011

Waiting to be active! Thanks for info..