How to get old Facebook photo viewer;disabling theater effect

Most of the people don’t like the new features of Facebook like profile design, ticker, questions, timeline profiles, news feed e.t.c. Personally I think these features are okay and not that much annoying as it used to be. But the only feature that I still don’t like is the theater effects of Facebook’s photo viewer. The older method was better when the photos used to get opened in a new page rather than showing it on the same page. Moreover theater effect also decreases the quality of the picture. But there’s a simple way of disabling this on chrome, firefox or even you can disable it temporarily on any browser, let’s see how you can do it.

For Google Chrome:

If you are using Facebook on Google Chrome then the simplest way to disable Theater effect is to install Revert FB Photo Viewer extension. This will give you back your old photo viewer on Chrome.

For Mozilla Firefox:

For firefox you can use facebook Photo Theater Killer userscript. Before installing this to your Firefox make sure you have Greasemonkey add-on installed. You can also use it on Chrome with Tampermonkey extension.

Temporarily disabling theater effect (any browser):

Method 1: Open a photo on Facebook. To view it normally without Theater effect just hit F5 key or refresh the page. You will see pics in classic Facebook photo viewer.

Method 2: Open a photo and check its link in the address bar. For example:

Now remove the &type=3&theater part from the end and hit enter. It will temporarily disable the theater effect for that album.

I hope this will make Facebooking better for you! 🙂