You can now officially Hide Ticker from Facebook homepage

Facebook just did a small change in the homepage and added a very useful button there. It’s the “Hide Ticker” button added on the top of the ticker in your sidebar. After the launch of new design the one thing that was annoying the users most is the ticker updates. Though it’s a good way to see updates in real-time but still most of the Facebook users didn’t like it so Facebook officially added an option of hiding the Ticker. Let’s see how you can do it.

Officially hiding ticker from your sidebar:

To hide ticker from your sidebar click on the ‘Hide Ticker’ button. Can’t locate it? Just check out the screenshot below:

Now you don’t need to use unofficial extensions to hide it, simply click a link and it will disappear. Please note that you cannot hide the ticker when chat on sidebar is open.

Thanks a lot Facebook for this feature. 😉

One Comment

Gagan February 5, 2012

With all this crap going on in Facebook’s interface, I created my own interface and have been using it since then(using graph api and facebook app)
Atleast now I don’t have to see any page suggestions, ads, or anything like that