Facebook sending page reports to admins

Early this morning I was greeted with an email from Facebook which was a report of the Fan page I was the admin. It came with not too many details just with number of visits in the week and also total visits in the previous week.

I am the admin of a Devils’ Workshop fan page and this is the snapshot of the email I received from Facebook.

As you can see it gives me statistics onnumber of fans added this week, along with the number of wall posts, comments and ‘Likes’ in the current week.

It also gives the total number of visits to our page in the week with how many visits were there in the previous week.

The links that then follow are to update fans and visit insights page for the page I am admin.

These new options are interesting and will probably be a way to give statistical trends to admins on making their Facebook pages more interactive.

Are you an admin of a Facebook page ? Have you received such an email from Facebook? Do drop in your comments with your views.

In the mean time you can join up Facebooknol page on Facebook.


Mehdi TAZI March 19, 2010

i have the passiondcrire page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/passiondcrire
Right now , no mail from facebook.

Aditya Kane March 20, 2010

It has still not been officially announced in their blog, I think they are sending updates to randomn accounts

Sauravjit March 21, 2010

I’ve 20-25 pages but haven’t got any such mail 🙁