How to Set up Google custom search to make money online

Thanks to every one who gave some feedback and suggestions on my earlier post. How we can add a Google custom search on your blog and make money with it. Do you know that every time a user searches for something in your blog makes money ?

Step 1: – Click here to open the Google page,this page will provide a option for creating a custom search.


Step 2: – Login with your Gmail account.

Step 3: – Fill all the related information, and follow the instruction

google custom search main

Step 4: – You will see the congratulation message on your screen. Click on finish. And a confirmation email sent to your email address.

Step 5: – After clicking on finish button a windows appears like this

google custom search_mod

Step 6: – The next windows looks like this,new you have to chose look and feel from Control panel section.

google custom search_code

Step 7: – In this stage there are so many options you have but I’ll suggest you to choose I Frame option.It will return you separate code one is for search from and another is for search result.

google custom search_final_code

Final and Last Stage: – Now you have the Google custom search code,copy it and place it on searchform.php and search.php or follow the inactions.

google custom search_final

Now is the time to start making money with your custom search engine. Click on the Make Money menu which appears on control panel. When you are building Google custom search, you have a option to add Google Adsense ads in the search result pages and you can customize this by displaying ads above the search results or on the right with different options like – Above & Right, Above & Below etc and you can select the right format based on your search results section width and design. You have two options.

  • I am a new AdSense User(for those who are don’t have adsense account)
  • I already have an AdSense account.(for those who have already a AdSense account)

I am a new AdSense User: – Click on it and you will be redirected to a Google page were you can create one. After you have created your account you can follow the steps. google custom search_money1 I already have an AdSense account: – When you will click on this link Google will ask you for your email, your Zip or Postal code and your all information. Enter all the information and press Submit. google custom search_money2

Before doing this, you have to be signed up to Google AdSense for Search. If you aren’t already, you can do so by signing into your AdSense account and selecting My Account and then Account Access. Now you have to allow access from to your AdSense account. Then try clicking Submit in your search engine page and all should be fine. If you haven’t done it right, you will get an error saying: “Your account does not have SearchAds. Make sure you are signed up for AdSense for Search and not just AdSense for Content or Referrals.” Now click the link Add Custom Channels so you can filter the revenue that comes from the Search Engine. Choose a channel name. I choose Dw_channel (Search Engine Revenue). Click Submit.

google custom search_chel

More information about channels can be found here.

Do let us know do you use adsense custom search to make money from your blog?


jaswanth March 18, 2010

Thanks friend, really i never heard before

Thanks a lot 😉

saorabh March 19, 2010

Thanks Jaswant..

sambit March 18, 2010

nice post dude.thanks for this

but u forgot to add hyperlink on step 1

saorabh March 19, 2010

Thanks Sambit,
Ya I forgotten to add the link in step 1…-:)

NPXP March 26, 2010

When I used to own a lot of proxy sites then I used to use custom Google search engine code in each of the site. Very profitable it is..

saorabh March 29, 2010

Thanks NPXP,
I’m happy that you find this is profitable..

Brandon M. Sergent March 30, 2010

Too bad there aren’t any actually working wordpress plugins to replace it’s default pathetic search box with the Google adsense for search code.