Facebook Starts Shipping Timeline for All Users 4 Months Late!

Remember the famous quote “Real artists ship” attributed to Steve Jobs. It about how all companies have to actually deliver. I also think somewhere down the line, a good product should be shipped in time.

It was in September 2011, when Facebook announced Timelines, a new layout for Facebook. That is now almost four months ago. The promise being that the new Timeline feature would be rolled out within the next 10 days to all Facebook users. Some said it was a knee jerk reaction to Google+, others felt Facebook was reinventing social media.

The world was set for Facebook to do something radical, probably for one last time, as once it has an IPO, such radical changes might be difficult to explain or rather convince to shareholders.

Facebook Timeline Layout

The Timeline Saga

It was initially rolled out to only developers and that hack was used by many to get Timeline layout.

There were some issues regarding timelines and the wait for it got longer. Apparently a website by the name Timelines.com, had legal issues with Facebook using the term Timelines.

Finally Facebook, did start an international roll-out for all users in New Zealand. It eventually made Timelines available to all users. Though not all users were on the new Timeline layout as they had to opt-in for it.

Finally, Facebook will be forcing Timelines to all users over the next few weeks. I have mixed feelings about the new layout, as it makes all past post quite easily available for others to look up. We decided to take a poll on our Facebook page about Timelines . Though the number of people voting on it were very few the verdict on if people liked or disliked Timelines stood at 50/50.

What are your views on Timelines? Do drop in your comments.

(via Facebook Blog)


Amrik Virdi January 25, 2012

Thanks for updating. I have already activated my facebook timeline.

Gourav January 26, 2012

I like the Timeline view. It gives a much better view of a person’s profile than the old Profile page. And it only makes visible what the user wants to be visible, so no privacy issues.