Facebook delays launch of Timeline profiles

Facebook’s most discussed topic these days is the launch of new Timeline profiles which creates a rich format scrapbook like profile with recent and past updates from a user. But unfortunately Facebook delays the launch of these Timeline profiles after it got sued by a small Chicago based company timelines.com which claims that Facebook Timeline is a copy of their website and it threatens their business.

Earlier the full launch of Facebook Timeline was scheduled for October 1st 2011 but Facebook themselves delayed the launch and now will be available by Wednesday. Currently more than a million people are using timeline by enabling developer’s access as we told you earlier. If you missed that post you can read it here.

Now the users can still sign in through the developer’s access but timelines.com wants Facebook to tell them the number of people using timeline by this developer’s access. Facebook will completely launch timeline once the case sorts out.

Timeline on Facebook is a rich format scrapbook where you can post your time to time updates while timelines.com is a website which creates a sequence of historical events like a war or some important event with rich format content. But the base of filing a case is that timelines.com got a trademark for the word “Timelines” for US.

Doesn’t matter when we officially get Facebook timeline in our profiles but this petition definitely made timelines.com popular. Check its traffic stats below.

(stats by alexa)