Facebook study: How Status Updates affect Popularity on Facebook

Have you ever given a thought about status updates that people do on Facebook? What lies behind, the data, what matters and all ? Well Facebook’s Data Team has analysed it all.

The words, timing, age and popularity and many more things matter while gaining popularity on Facebook through Status updates. 🙂 They analysed the words that come most of the time in status updates. Things that come into picture when a person updates his status and effects later are as follows:

Age and popularity : Young people tend to express thoughts in an aggressive way by using angry words and more sentences with I, me, myself. Whereas older people write longer updates with more prepositions and articles, more about other people including their family.

Status updates-use of words

More popular people use less angry words, talk less about their families, less emotional and use less past and present tense verbs or words that may be related to time.

Timing : People tend to write positive updates in the morning and negative updates at night. People generally tend to talk about a preferred time of the day. That is words about sleep increase at night and peak in the early mornings, when people should actually be sleeping.

What your friends like : Very surprisingly, negative status updates receive more comments and positive updates receive less comments. Whereas positive updates gets more Likes and negative updates get less Likes.

Birds of same feather flock together : We know that friends with same likes and dislikes stay together. Just like that the words we use in our status updates are almost similar to what our friends use.

So well this explains us all what we write what we don not and how it affects on our Facebook lives. 🙂 You can use this as a guide to rock Facebook. Use more of ‘you’ , less emotional status updates… In short you know what to write and what not to accordingly.

Have you applied any of this and seen any difference ? If not use this analysis and see what happens. 🙂 Share your views with me.

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