Facebook status updates as a diary of your life [Video]

I had a crazy idea the other day. What if I went through all my Facebook status updates ever since the day I joined? Since I’ve been too lazy to maintain a diary, Facebook was probably the only way I could sit back and read about my journey through the past couple of years. Then my narcissistic mood went up a notch higher. How about I made a little film of these status updates? Wouldn’t that be something fun to share with my grandchildren one day? đŸ˜›

How to have a cool status update on Facebook

There are status messages loved by all and there are Facebook status messages that are just not noticed. I have always wondered how people get all the smileys and everything on their Facebook status updates. I tweaked a bit and I found out new ways to do that. So well here are some of the tips you can use.

Analyze Your Facebook Status Updates With Status Statistics

We all love Social networking sites, that’s a given. Facebook even more since it gives us so much than other social networking. One of the most popularly used activity that users do on the site is Status Updates. Be it updating rants, funny one-liners, quotations or even sharing links we all update our Status on […]

How would Facebook be in real life? [Video]

Facebook is a bit like a club. Where you get to meet interesting people, add common friends, have virtual farms and share photos online with friends without our knowing, other people can peek into them thanks to privacy problems. This is all possible obviously because it is virtual but what would our lives be like […]

Man escapes from prison and updates his Facebook page

This one is sort of interesting and also a little funny. There is a man who has escaped from prison and has started updating his Facebook profile. His name is Craig Lynch and over a month now he has been taunting the police putting up details on his Facebook account about various activities he carries […]