Facebook to Release Subscribe Button for Websites

Facebook introduced the subscribe options for allow Facebook users to follow each others public updates without the need to connect as friends. This option to subscribe updates pretty much opened up Facebook.

According to TNW, Facebook is now set to launch a subscribe button which can be embedded on websites. It will let users subscribe to updates on any webpage (in a way just like the follow button by Twitter).
Subscribe button

Facebook will release a subscribe plugin like its other social plugins, which can be embedded in any webpage. Visitors to that webpage can subscribe to all updates made by that page by just clicking on the subscribe button.

Official Statement by Facebook

We will soon launch the Subscribe plugin, an extension of the Subscribe button, that publishers and other developers can add to their web sites to make it easy for people to connect to reporters and public figures in one click. We have no further details to share at this time.

Now that Facebook has started rolling out Timelines for all users, soon we will see a lot more plugins and options from Facebook.

What do you think about the Subscribe button for websites will it work?

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Mohd Akbar December 8, 2011

I’m glad Facebook is adding this feature. And thanks for sharing this great article.