Microsoft to Introduce Windows Store with Windows 8 Platform

Microsoft has been quite open about how Windows 8 will be build and what to expect from it. Recently it announced Windows Store as a new offering on Windows 8 platforms. Windows Store will allow app developers to create apps on Windows 8 platform. As Windows 8 will run on tablets, phones and PCs, it will be a lucrative for developers. Windows 8 Beta will be released in February 2012, and it will feature Windows Store. The apps available on Windows 8 Beta will be only the free ones.


How Windows Store will help developers

Microsoft is pulling out all stops to woo developers to create apps for Windows 8 platform. Developers will be paid 80% of the revenues collected once the app makes $25,000. Otherwise Microsoft will part with 70% of the revenues.

Windows 8 will run on millions of desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. So this will be a very good opportunity for app developers.

Apps on Windows 8 Store will also be available, to be used on even on trial basis if the developers choose to do so.

Will Windows Store be successful?

Windows Store is an obvious attempt to compete with Apple’s App store. iPhone and iPad has given their users a lot of options and mobility. With Windows Store, Microsoft will be hoping to replicate that success over their much larger PC user-base and their growing mobile and tablet users-base.

It makes sense considering, users can choose to have Apps that sync on one platform which can run on various devices. Also if Windows 8 is supposed to compete as a OS for mobiles and tablets, it simply must have an app store to be lucrative.

What are your views on Windows Store? Do drop in your comments.

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