Facebook suggests pages to ‘like’ for new users

Facebook suggests pages to 'like' for new users which leads me to wonder if Facebook will suggest pages for money as promotion or will it be just random popular pages which are recommended.

I had written in the past couple of days about how Facebook has changed ‘become a fan‘ to ‘Like‘ for Facebook pages. I even wondered it Facebook has got it right by making such a change to Facebook pages.

But here is the new dope I came across on Mashable and that is that now if you are a newbie to Facebook and sign-up for the first time Facebook is suggesting pages a user can ‘Like‘. 🙂

Image Credits: Mashable

What does Facebook suggesting pages mean?

The image above shows that Facebook is probably just suggesting very popular pages some new user can ‘Like’. This of course can be helpful for a new Facebook user to get started and start playing around and explore Facebook in depth. There is one detail which might be distressing and that is new users would not know that clicking ‘Like’ to a Facebook page means those choices are publicly available to be seen.

If you notice if you come across a profile where you can see no information but you can still see the pages they “like”.

Will this start getting Facebook money?

Know about Google adwords where specific ad-words are placed or sponsored links are put up with Google Search results. I think Facebook will in all probability do the same with Facebook Pages where they might have certain owners bid for their pages to be introduced or suggested to new users.

I am not very happy about this development but I am not to alarmed either. I guess we will have to wait and see. What do you think? Do let me know through your comments.