Manage your passwords on Windows and collaborate them with Dropbox

A password to any website is very precious and in some cases having a single password for all websites you register and sign-up with is not a wise idea. It means if someone breaks your password for one website it can make all your accounts with that same password very vulnerable.

Here I came across 1Password a tool to create passwords and save them on your computer in the form of a file.

About 1Password Manager

  • 1Password Manager is an all in one password storage manager for you while using Windows.
  • You can save up passwords of all your accounts being used with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and from then on you do not need to type in your user-name and password at every website.
  • This application does not support Chrome as yet and still is in beta stage for Windows users.

With 1Password I could create key-chains which are groups of user-names and passwords for various websites. For example I have personal and professional accounts for Facebook, Email and Twitter. I could save the key-chain as a file and sync it with Drop-box so when I went to my office I could retrieve all my accounts I wanted with the key-chain file at my work station. If you liked this post you might also want to read about Last Pass which is also another password manager we have reviewed on DW.

Download 1Password for Windows and let me know your views on it through your comments.

Link: Lifehacker