Facebook testing Photo Viewer which looks just like Google+

Google+ might have borrowed just about every idea from Facebook but it does have a few original ones too. The photo viewer on Google+ displays comments on the side. This allows a lot more comments to be viewed.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is testing out something that pretty much copies the way Google+ displays its photos.


The current photo-viewer on Facebook is not exactly something I was happy with. That is why I like using this Chrome extension that removes theatre effects from Facebook’s photo viewer.

Is it okay for Google+ and Facebook to copy each other?

Though every time someone copies a feature from its competitor fans and expert lament or criticism. For instance Google introduced +1 buttons which were clearly inspired from the ‘Like’ buttons. I feel it is sometimes good to copy a really useful and good feature rather than to try to reinvent the wheel.

By copying, I do not mean copying codes or copyrighted content. If Google+ copied elements from Facebook, then Facebook did the same from MySpace. But I do wonder how users will feel if Facebook and Google+ both end up beings clones rather than competitors.

What are your views on Facebook’s new photo viewer being tested? Do drop in your comments.


Sagar February 7, 2012

Copying is bad. Facebook has started to copy every feature from Google+, this is really bad. But the Google+ image viewer is much better than that of Facebook. Congo for the new design, looking good.:)

Aditya Kane February 7, 2012

@Sagar: Thanks for noticing the new design. 🙂

About the copying is bad – What exactly is copying? Lets says someone has a new blog about technology. That can also be construed as copying a concept, but we hardly look at it that way. Also Facebook might argue Google+ copied a lot from them too.

David February 8, 2012

The fact is Mark zuckerberg is a parasit who lives off other peoples ideas. Facebook is popular not because is good but because it was the first social network who offered what people wanted and that’s it. Google+ is not copying facebook or twitter, I mean, how many ways are there to make a social network? Obviosly not much. BUt facebook is copying everything Google+ has and that’s pathetic.

Jose Tinto February 8, 2012

Just noticed the change. It is really cool and much better than earlier one.