Facebook Timeline not supported by Internet Explorer 7

The latest profile design update by Facebook was Facebook Timeline profiles. It has a good user interface but a confusing design. You can use these profiles with Firefox, Chrome or even with Internet Explorer 9.0. But unfortunately these Timeline profiles are not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 which is an older version of I.E.

Well if you are using Internet Explorer 7.0 (just in case) and want to use Timeline profile then you have to upgrade your browser. If you activate Timeline in IE 7.0 then it will be activated and anyone on Facebook can see your Timeline profile except you and those who are using IE 7.0.

Hate Timeline? In that case a solution for you is to downgrade your browser to I.E 7.0 or simply install IE 7.0 with your regular browser. That way you can continue using your old Facebook profile layout as there’s no other option of switching back to normal profile once you activate Timeline.