Facebook Wins $360.5 million Against Spam

Facebook has won against spam. A federal court in San José, California declared in the favor of the company, blocking spammer Philip Porembski from using Facebook. He also had to pay $360.5 million for the damages he has made to the company.

The man had hacked more than 160,000 people’s account and sent more than 7.2 million spam messages to users of the social network. Those links led to phishing and bad websites.

Facebook received more than 8,000 complaints about Porembski’s spam. Almost 4,500 people closed their accounts due to the spamming. Wow, what a loss to Mr Zuck!

Do you think such kind of thing will remove spam or spammers? What should be done to make Facebook a safe social networking site? Well, I think more a site becomes famous more is it prone to such spamming attacks. Do share your views with me on this. 🙂

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