Facebook’s new higest traffic record [June 2010]

Once again facebook.com breaks it’s own traffic record in United States for the month of June by getting more than 141 million unique visitors (via comScore) in U.S. Even in the month of May Facebook got around 130 million unique visitors which was a record in itself too.

If we see the previous year’s traffic records for facebook, the number of unique visitors nearly got doubled from 77 million (June 2009) to 141 million (June 2010).

facebook june traffic

Clearly from the traffic graph by comScore, we can see how rapidly facebook is growing as compared other social networking site myspace which has nearly a flat growth and micro-blogging site twitter. However the situation is not the same in other parts of the world except U.S. Like in India people are still using Orkut and even Twitter is getting popular by time. But still facebook is the world’s best and most popular social networking website and world’s second most visited website after Google.


Sachin July 14, 2010

Facebook Rocks…No one can stop facebook…..keep growing…

Sauravjit July 16, 2010

Exactly 🙂

jaganmangat July 15, 2010

those figures are just amazing ,facebook.com is rocking on internet.

Sauravjit July 16, 2010

yups, it’s the world’s best social networking website 🙂