Top 5 free website hosting services

When you start blogging we often do not require to buy space or have our own domain on the internet. This is mainly because some people blog just for fun and are not serious about making it a profession or even make money out of it. Ofcourse there are options like and but there are quite a few free website hosting services. I think these websites would be quite useful for designers and programmers to test their products. 😉

So here is a list of 5 free website hosting services I feel might be worth looking at.

#1. Jimdo

Jimdo is a free service which is ideal for people who are looking to sell things online.

  • Jimdo allows with free account storage space upto 500 MB.
  • It also supports Photo galleries, widgets and also a store for selling things from your website.
  • One good point about this hosting service when compared to other free services is that it allows adding Flash on it.

#2. 000webhost

000Webhost is the probably one of the best free hosting options you might come across.

  • 000Webhost allows upto 1.5 GB storage space along with 100 GB/month data transfer.
  • It allows 3 MySql data bases and backup system. It also allows PHP along with password protected directories.
  • 00webhost also allows upto 5 emaill addresses.

Read our review of 000webhost.


#3. 110mb

110mb as its URl suggest allows free hosting upto 110 MB.

  • allows data exchange of upto 100 GB along with the 110 MB storage space.
  • It does not allow WordPress, Drupal or MySQL databases.
  • It is one of the few free services allowing unique domains!

#4. Freewebsites

Freewebsites is another free hosting service which allows having your unique domains.

  • Freewebsites allows unlimited free web space but has restrictions on file size to upto 5 MB.
  • It also is hosted and supported on Unix servers.
  • The catch is they do not register the domain name but allow hosting. So you might have to buy the domain name from elsewhere and then use Freewebsites hosting features.

#5. Webs

Webs is meant for very limited users but is a free hosting service.

  • Webs allows upto 40 MB disk space and 500 MB monthly data transfer.
  • It also supports a single FTP account.
  • does not support MySQL databases and also programming languages.

This list of 5 website hosting services are really useful as far as your are not really looking for professional solutions regarding having your own websites. These services are ideal for students or groups to have a free website with limited features and limited traffic.

Do you know of any more interesting free website hosting services? Do let us know through your comments.

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  1. A nice list, u may also have a look on BloggingBuds. BB is really cool and provides unlimited hosting, a free .com domain name, technical support over wordpress and much more. The best part is that they offer it without any advertisement. I have forgot the site address but will definately return back with more about it.

  2. Online success depends on many factors. Basically we will need one domain name, and one web hosting service, to start with. Afterwards we can decide about the actual erection of the website and the content that is to be uploaded to its webpages. But to start our online business, the hosting webspace and domain are needed first.

  3. Dude imho this list doesn’t make upto the top 5…
    There are many like xtreemhost, zymic which are much better than those listed here..
    And 000webhost sucks a lot….
    Definitely not a good user experience….

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