Facebook’s Official Blog is Down!

Few days back, I posted about vote on Facebook’s Governing Document.

Just few minutes back, I tried checking Facebook’s official blog as I was expecting result today when I noticed blog was down.


Thankfully, rest of the Facebook is up and running.

Update: Just noticed on TechMeme, Facebook announced voting results. But again link on TechMeme, pointing to official Facebook post is broken.

But some news sites managed to read Facebook post before blog went down.

Following quote from David at Los Angeles Time suggests some bad news for privacy-savvy Facebook users who voted for new policy document…

By the time voting closed today at noon Pacific time, only 0.32% of Facebook’s users had weighed in on the question of whether the site’s lengthy new policy documents were better than the lengthy old ones.

About 75% of that 0.32% chose the newer policy, while the rest chose the old. But the election won’t count anyway: Facebook said that for the results to be valid, 30% of its roughly 200 million users would have to weigh in. That’s about 100 times more than the 0.32% of people who actually did.

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Sauravjit Singh April 24, 2009

even i ve noticed this…