Facebook’s new ‘Poke Suggestions’ or ‘Poke Flooder’?

Facebook just added a new feature where it started showing “poke suggestions” on the sidebar of Facebook poke page. Poke suggestions is a list of random friends on Facebook whom you can poke. Well this is just an initiative by Facebook to increase interaction between users as people are now losing interest in keeping a touch with each other by sending messages or writing on friend’s wall.

poke suggestions

But ‘Poke Suggestions’ seems more like a ‘Poke Flooder’, all I can see are useless poke notifications. And when you will poke someone back, all you get is another poke in return from them.

Well I don’t think this is going be a very successful thing and Facebook should start working on other features rather than introducing such features or new designs. They should spend more time in making Facebook technically better and increasing user privacy. So what do you this about this feature of Facebook?

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Krishna@techmero May 23, 2012

Yeah! you are completely right, its oftentimes it looks like flooding