Facebook’s top ten Global and Indian topics of 2011

Facebook just released a blog note sharing the most popular topics of 2011 that Facebook user talked about ; globally and country wise. Facebook added a new tab “Memology 2011” on their official page which gives all this information. This Memology is the trending topics of Facebook in 2011. We’re sharing top ten global, Indian, United States and United Kingdom topics of the year.

Top ten global topics on Facebook:














Top Ten Status Trends [India]:








Top Ten Status Trends [United States]:








Top Ten Status Trends [United Kingdom]:








You can find trending topics of Facebook for more countries here. As expected, the most shared topic for India in 2011 is Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal Bill. Surprisingly Death of Steve Jobs was a trending topic in India and not in Steve’s own country United States. Stay connected to read about the fastest growing pages of 2011.

(via Facebook)


Mohul December 7, 2011

wow! thanks for the share.. its a real gold-mine in terms of marketing data.. and your observation regarding Steve Jobs was sharp..Steve had lots of friends in India πŸ™‚

sauravjit December 7, 2011

My Pleasure.. πŸ™‚

khaja moin December 9, 2011

Worthy information Saurav, thansk for sharing

sauravjit December 10, 2011

pleasure buddy πŸ™‚