Feed Sweep: Create widgets for showing feeds on website

Feed Sweep

When designing a website or a blog, you might need to show some feeds from another website. This is quite relevant if you have two blogs and want to show feeds from one to the other.

Feed Sweep is a website which allows the user to register and create customized widgets for showing feeds from other websites. It creates a code of the customized widget which you can insert into your homepage for the feeds to show up.

About Feed Sweep

  • Feed Sweep has various  plans and most of them are paid. The free plan comes with some advertisements. I was curious to know if these advertisements would be intrusive but was surprised pleasantly that they were text based and pretty similar to Google Ads.
  • In the Free plan I could add upto 5 feeds to show up. I could customize the format and color of the widget. Once done with it, I got to see an example of how the widget would look along with the HTML code which I had to enter in my website (see image below).
  • The customizing part is pretty good. It includes defining the width in pixels of the Feed. It also allows you to choose the number of feeds that will be posted on the widget. A customizable title is also allowed. When you get the code it is in JavaScript.


So try out Feed Sweep if you want a widget to show feeds from another website. Let me know through your comments what you think about Feeds Sweep along with any other similar products which are also free.


Sourish Nath December 8, 2009

Nice Share. But widget looks strikingly similar to google ads 🙂

George Serradinho December 8, 2009

Never knew about this at all, will go have a look as one of my clients is looking for something similar to Feed Sweep. Thanks for sharing this info.

Aditya Kane December 8, 2009

@George: Good to know you find it helpful, hope it works out for you. 🙂
@Sourish: Yes the looks are a little like Google Ads. but they can be customized. I did not check all the options.

harpreet December 8, 2009

plzz clear me about feed sweep deeply