Install Wibiya toolbar on your website

Wibiya is a well thought out web toolbar which adds on to your blog or website while providing highly essential features for you to retain your readers. Wibiya has various applications for you to choose from giving you the option to customize your add on as per your requirement. If you are not interested in readers subscribing to your YouTube channel and instead want them to play Flash games on your website then Wibiya gives you that option.

How To Create Widgets For Your Blog Using Wolfram Alpha

Internet today is dominant with search engines, with every search engine fighting hard to grab their share of market. But in this fight, there is one search engine that stands apart-Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha, which was launched last year in May, has quietly created a niche for itself by providing calculable knowledge available to everyone. […]

Desktopify: Convert web widgets into desktop widgets

Many website have widgets to basically link up with other websites or even display information. Desktopify will be able to convert web widgets into desktop widgets. It allowed me to create Desktop widgets with two simple steps that is I had to paste the widget code and Desktopify can automatically create a desktop widget for me with a single click.

Feed Sweep: Create widgets for showing feeds on website

When designing a website or a blog, you might need to show some feeds from another website. This is quite relevant if you have two blogs and want to show feeds from one to the other. Feed Sweep is a website which allows the user to register and create customized widgets for showing feeds from […]

Google’s New Translate Bar Widget for Websites

Some months back Google had launched its Google translator toolkit and yesterday, Google unveiled its new translate widget for blogs and websites on the day of International Translation Day (30 September 2009). This translation widget can be easily added to any website and provides translation into 51 languages. Old Widget vs. New Widget You might […]