MailDrop – Create Disposable Email That Stays Forever

MailDrop is yet another disposable email IDs creation service. It has a clean user interface & is quick in it's service. These email IDs do not expire.

MailDrop is a service that helps you to create a disposable email ID. These email IDs do not expire like those from 10 Minute Mail, Guerrilla Mail or TrashMail. This service is new to this niche. Never the less, it has an elegant user interface and works flawless.


This service is free to use and doesn’t require a sign up. Creating an email ID is also easy. You’ll just have to enter your name or nickname and voila, the email ID is created! It also gives you some cool email ID suggestions.

Some Restrictions in MailDrop

MailDrop might look really interesting to you at first. But there are some restrictions that come along with this service.

  • Email IDs require no passwords. So anyone can check out your email inbox.
  • The email size is limited to 100 kB and the attachments will be stripped off.
  • A maximum of 10 mails can be stored at a time.
  • If the inbox doesn’t receive an email for 24 hours, all the mails in the inbox will be deleted.

Security Solution for MailDrop

With no password option for the email IDs, it’s easy for the public to dig into your mail inbox. MailDrop has a solution to this. The service provides an Alias Address. Every email ID created on MailDrop comes with an Alias Address. Email sent to the Alias Address also shows on the original inbox. People cannot see the Alias Address inbox without knowing the original address.


Note : The privacy section of MailDrop states that the algorithm that converts real MailDrop addresses to inbox aliases is public and can be reverse engineered by anyone. So, it’s best not to send sensitive information on MailDrop.

Link: MailDrop website