Firefox 3.6.4 Adds Crash Protection & Fixes Vulnerabilities

The latest security and stability release for Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 provides crash protection for Windows and Linux users by isolating third-party plugins when they crash. There are more than 400 million firefox users and this update fixes more than 225 bugs with crash protection technology from the Mozilla Lorentz Project.

This crash protection works just like chrome that prevents flash, silver-time crashes from bringing down your entire browser.

Actually this technology works on full process isolation to Firefox, and it separates web pages from plugins. Plugins would run separate from the main browser, so that when there is a crash, with the process isolation, the rest of the browser is unaffected by the failure. Currently, crash protection only works for Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Silverlight on Windows and Linux systems.

As for now, the update is not for Mac OS X users and its currently in developing stage. Windows and linux users are benefited from crash protection technology.

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You can download firefox 3.6.4 freshly or you can update from the inbuilt tool bar – ” Check for Updates ” in help menu.

Link: Download Firefox 3.6.4


Amandeep Singh June 23, 2010

This further improvises the Awesome product from Mozilla 🙂

Aditya Kane June 26, 2010

Wait till you see Firefox 4 😀