Bing Adds Full Music, Movies, Games and TV Shows

Bing has done one of the biggest investments on the area of entertainment. As you all know, we use mostly search engines for finding out things that entertain us mostly such as music search, movies, games or tv shows. So bing has targetted these areas to make our search more refiner like from deciding what movie to buy or see, which TV shows to watch online or on your TV, what music to listen to, how to find and safely play your favorite casual games.

Bing has started rolling out more than 100 new features on the search engine, Bing Entertainment. It adds more than 100 new features that would help us to better search for music, movies, tv shows and games.

1st Feature – Music :

Their statistics says that over 70 percent of people look for lyrics online, so it’s now easy to safely find lyrics to all in one place. More over the partnership with Zune will let you to stream full length songs more than 5 million songs. You can also get photos, videos, and even tour dates for your favorite acts.

2nd Feature – Gaming :

Bing provides more detailed information on over 35,000 games, including in depth reviews, cheats and walkthroughs for all your favorite games. You can just play more than 100 popular games online safely from right within Bing.

3rd Feature – Movies :

Bing brings together all of the information and tools you need to get to the movie right from Reviews, Pros, cons, real time facebooka and twitter information, nearby restaurants and even parking information from Bing Maps etc.

4th Feature – TV shows :

Their stats tells us 30% of people watch all of their TV episodes online, and over 60% of people have used a search engine to look for full-length TV shows online. So Bing collects full length TV episodes and visually organized them for easier search. With thousands of episodes from over 1500 shows including lots of HD content, watching your favorite shows online is easier than ever before.

Ultimately, the use of this new feature is you spend less time searching for entertainment and more time doing the stuff you love.

Do you think this could be where Bing gets an advantage over Google? Do let us know through your comments.