Firefox Announces List of Slow Performing Addons

Firefox 4 was supposed to be revolutionary and in some way with certain features like Panorama, Firefox did make some advances. The biggest advantage for Firefox has been browser add-ons and the developer community around it.

Chrome has recently stole the thunder when it comes to browser. Chrome has a simpler interface devoid of clutter and also more importantly is often called the fastest browser around. Firefox 4 has inherited the reputation that it is a drag on the resources along with being slow when it comes to starting.

So now Mozilla has put out a list of slow Add-ons.

Mozilla’s List of Slow Firefox add-ons


  • Mozilla will automatically perform tests on the top 100 Addons which are downloaded and the results will be displayed.
  • Soon warnings will show up to alert users about an Add-on beng slow from the add-on gallery itself.
  • This might all be great news for Firefox fans, but I can see quite a few developers being angry that their add-ons are being targeted unfairly or even that they are being shamed like this in public.

But I guess, Mozilla has no choice but to carry out such an exercise. We can already see that majority of the popular Addons do not work with Firefox 4 and this might push some developers to update their addons which is a necessity.

If you use Firefox, do look up this list and drop in your comments here on your views.

Link: Slow Performing Add-ons


Girish Mony April 6, 2011

A very smart move from Mozilla. But they should have issued a warning to the developers before announcing the list.

Aditya Kane April 7, 2011

Yes would have been better to issue a warning to developers.