Search for Accounts on Twitter Based on Interests!

Over the last few years, Twitter as a service has grown exponentially and really grown beyond their creators vision. The idea was to have a platform for using SMS but now it is the place to get real time updates from around the world for many people.


Twitter in it’s old format was very unhelpful for new users to understand. It was open and threadbare with all the innovation coming from 3rd party applications and developers.

Now Twitters with Retweet option, new design layout and other helpful features has tried to make it a lot easier for new Twitter users to enjoy.

One of the key issues with Twitter is finding good accounts to follow. Most times you have to search for them with tags and trending topics. Now Twitter has a new feature which allows searching for accounts based on interests.


This means that if I am searching for Technology, Twitter does not show me twitter accounts with technology in the username but actually looks for accounts with related tweets to that word.

A good idea is to look up these suggestions based on interests from time to time and decide on which account you will follow.

Twitter’s Identity crisis

Twitter has had somewhat of a identity crises over the past year. It’s growth has been powered by celebrities being accessible to their fans but that will not really generate revenues for Twitter.

I guess with these features, Twitter is trying to generate a newer identity as a online service. The only way Twitter can do that is by becoming a more organized source of information yet also retain its openness.

What do you think about Twitter and its new feature to explore accounts according to interests? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Twitter Blog