Is Firefox losing the battle of the browsers in the long run?

Is Firefox losing the battle of the browsers in the long run with its market share plateauing out and not growing in the wake of decline of Internet Explorer and rise of the Chrome browser.

When I started writing for Devils’ Workshop last year, I wrote a post about how the pie is shrinking for Internet Explorer when it comes to the browser market. In those days Internet Explorer market share had fallen from heady 70’s down to mid 60’s when it come to the percentages. The one browser gaining momentum was Firefox and closely on its heels was Chrome.

I decided to check some stats on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer when it came to their market share for the month of June 2010 and the stats threw up some interesting trends.

Credits: MarketShare

  • Some of the things that stand out are that Internet Explorer’s share is at 60.32%. This is actually better than a month ago but over all if you compared it to last October it is quite disappointing when it was about 66%.
  • The interesting part comes reading the Firefox and Chrome numbers. Chrome in the last 10 months has probably doubled its market share from 3.17% to 7.24% now. Firefox has not grown much but seems like plateauing out as in October 2010 it had 23.75% is now only at 23.81%.
  • I think this has been mainly due to Chrome being a real competitor and is pretty much as good as any other browser. It has added the options of syncing bookmarks and settings. It has added extensions support and that has led Chrome to grow with lightening speed.

Good news is Mozilla Firefox 4 will probably spruce up the browser and really give us something amazing to work with. But Firefox lacks the solid support of a internet giant which Chrome enjoys.

With Chrome OS expected later in the year I think in all probability Firefox is in trouble over the long run.

What are your thoughts about Firefox and its growth prospects overall? Do let me know through your comments.


venkat July 5, 2010

Firefox 3.6.6 is already good and stable, with less crashes ,hope it will stays the same in stability and improves much more in speed and other features.

Aditya Kane July 5, 2010

When I updated Firefox last night I felt it was faster but dont feel its much faster now. Hope it catches up with some cool features.

Rahul July 6, 2010

It is really complex. Chorme rise because of Google advertizing power But i use firefox. Because tons of addons and good for bloggers. Also, i think we should not use chorme, It own by Google. If we do blogging and all.

Aditya Kane July 7, 2010

Can you tell me why you think Blogging and Chrome should not go together? 🙂 Chrome has Google advertising power but then Firefox should be replacing IE at a faster rate.

Suneel July 9, 2010

The market share of IE tops all theo ther browsers because most of the people use pirated Windows operating systems and there by get IE as a free and default browser which they do not need to download again and again but it gets updated periodically.