Discuss Blogger of the month version 2.0

Blogger of the month was something we had discontinued temporarily early in January this year but we had promised to bring it back on DW. This is a contest open for all our guest bloggers. Previously the system was simple. A prize money of $100 was given to the blogger of the month.

Yes Blogger of the Month will be back very very soon! πŸ™‚

Earlier we had simple statistics to decide on who wins Blogger of the Month contest for that month. We also then allowed it across all our rtBlogs network.

We thought now that we are coming out with Blogger of the Month version 2.0 it would be a great idea to take opinions and suggestions from our readers on what they would like to see with this contest and how to make it bigger.

Some points for you to consider:

  • Should there be one prize or many prizes? For many months we had a $100 dollar prize but then later we did have a prize for the top three ranked authors.
  • Do you want the Blogger of the Month award on per blog or across blog network. Our blog network called rtBlogs has Devils’ Workshop, wpVeda, Fbknol, Orkut Diary and CricTalks. Do you want the author to be ranked number one across the blog networked as No. 1 or on particular blog?
  • How do you want the rating system. Earlier we had a every post rated on English and Presentation along with the context of the post. This was important as news like post got lesser weight overall. Do you have any better ideas?
  • Earlier if you wrote the scored for all the posts written were added and that was the score on which authors were ranked. Do you have any alternative ideas?

The point of this post is we want ideas and a discussion around what you would want to see with Blogger of the Month version 2.0.Β  So start dropping in your comments with your ideas and we will try to incorporate all of them.


Gautam July 6, 2010

1) I think 1 or 2 ranks would be enough
2) I would like it to be accross the whole network
3) Ranking should be also based on comments made by the author (if possible), and also the originality, and the expected time put behind writing the post (research etc).
4) Nop, none.

Aditya Kane July 8, 2010

thanks for your points. Did not get your point on rankings being based on comments made by author? Can you tell me more about that?

Gautam July 13, 2010

Like if a user asks a question about the content of the post, then the author should reply to that and extra points should be given for that.

Aditya Kane July 14, 2010

Yes, probably we will take that into consideration. Still the lions share of points would be on presentation and English.

Sauravjit July 7, 2010

Yes 2 ranks would be enough, Make it across all the blogs, just keep a single 10 scale rating system which covers everything i.e english, presentation, genuine stuff, type of content e.t.c. Pay per post is a good alternative but that will be quite confusing as it’s not possible to approve every post for the contest under PPP.

Aditya Kane July 8, 2010

Pay per post is fine, but sometimes authors get careless about quality as they are assured of a certain amount anyways.

Anshul July 7, 2010

1) I think there should be 3 ranks.
2) Having it across the whole network is a good idea, but don’t you think comparing a post about cricket with one about tech will be unfair ?
3)More stress should be laid on quality than quantity of posts. Coming up with 10 ordinary posts is easy but writing 1 quality posts requires more effort.
4) Can’t think of any better alternative to this.

Waiting for the contest to go live πŸ™‚

Aditya Kane July 8, 2010

I know cricket and tech cannot be compared but sometimes to write a cricket post you might need a lot more imagination and creativity. πŸ™‚

Gagan July 7, 2010


1. The ranking should be on user comments, quality of the articles,number of re-tweets and number of shares on FB.

2. There should be 3 ranks.

3. Blogger of the Month award should be across blog network.

4. Fresh and unique content must be given highest points.

Waiting for others suggestionsl

Sauravjit July 7, 2010

Bro don’t you think it will give rise to fake RT’s and comments

Aditya Kane July 8, 2010

user comments, retweets with fb shares can be a littler tricky. But maybe we can figure out a way to keep it relevant and not become an excuse for spamming.

Rahul Bansal July 9, 2010

I guess we can consider comments, RT and FB shares but give them less weight.
As of now more stress is given to judge “quality” irrespective of “topic”. πŸ™‚
This is to remove bias across different blogs as it may arise as noted by Anshul in his comment above.

Siva July 10, 2010

yes.. the facebook comments and RT can be one of minor or secondary position in the Rank algorithm πŸ˜›
how is the word algorithm ?

Rajeel July 9, 2010

I too have something to say.
1. there must be 3 position
2. You should make some scale on how to evaluate posts
3. You should give more priority to quality posts.
4. It must be across all the blogs in your network
5. You may also give the users some bonus points on the basis of their comments/comments on their post

sidduz July 23, 2010

1. I think we should have 3 prizes in consideration.
2. Rate the article based on quality rather than quantity, but place min number of articles to be submitted/month. like say 5 articles/month as minimum requirement in order to select for the prize.
3.Blogger of the Month should be consider across the month if you are going to give “Top 3 writers” else consider individually.