Firefox: 4 Ways to Make Old Extensions Compatible with Firefox 2.0

With Firefox 2.0, many of old extensions facing compatibility problem!

Gleb Reys posted 3-ways to make old firefox extensions compatible with firefox 2.0! The three way covers up so many details that u will end up either making ur old extensions compatible with firefox or removing them for sure!

The 4-th way I’m presenting here based on 3rd way! This is for all firefox extensions developers! Just follow the steps below…

1. Open the directory of your extensions source code n locate “install.rdf”.
2. Look for following fields…


3. em:maxVersion field specifies the maximum firefox version with which your extension is compatible.
4. Just replace “1.5.0.with “2.0.“.
5. Save “install.rdf” n rebuild your extension! Thats it!

A word of caution!
Don t forget to test your extension before releasing although this will work most of the times!

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