Using Orkut From Mobile Devices!

Important Update: Orkut is officially accessible on mobile now, so this post will be marked outdated.

Recently I have seen lots of people talking about orkutting from mobile devices!Before going ahead here is an excerpt from Orkut Help page!

Why can’t I access orkut from my mobile device?

We’re sorry to hear about any difficulty you’ve experienced accessing Currently, isn’t compatible with mobile devices. To access your orkut profile, please try logging in using your computer’s web browser.

So today I’m posting about how to use orkut from mobile devices! Before going ahead lemme tel u few things about my environment! I have Nokia N-70 with opera 8.62 installed!
U may use opera mini or any version of opera which support javascript!
With these assumptions lets start the ride!

Login Issue! (updated: 2007, August 30)
You can use original address from opera MINI nut the page have some problems in OPERA MOBILE. But don’t worry as you can use following address to log into orkut! Its a very long address so better bookmark it with name like Orkut Login! In fact you can use the following address from PC for fast login on orkut!

Also you can use which is configured to redirect you to the above link only!

Clicking on button does not work!

As of now u log into orkut but experiencing problem while clicking on buttons! The most common problem I have seen button like submit, delete, yes, no, accept, reject does not work!

There are two solution. First is for opera mobile user and second lies in JavaScript!

Opera solution (For Nokia and Windows based Mobiles Only)

This great solution is found by one of my Doctor friend Rahul Talele (Shame on us engineers. ;-)
Best thing about this it works for all buttons without any coding effort!!!(Really great na)!!!

Now after logging into orkut using opera,
Go to Options >> Navigation >> Find in page

Put caption of button means ‘submit’ , delete’, yes’, no’, etc in text to be found.
The moment text on button starts highlighting exit from Find wizard pressing roght-selection key (which have Stop option).
Now clicking on that button works!

Extra tip: Assign a shortcut key to Find in Page option by going to Option >> Settings

JavaScript solutions (for others)

Submitting Scrap! (updated 2007, August 30)
First thing If u want to scrap someone u hv to go into his/her scrapbook! (The code following are not for orkut’s new reply feature!)
After opening intended scrapbook, write scrap with optional formatting the way u usually write!
In next step, without leaving that page(or tab if u r using opera with tab browsing) go to this address:

For scrapbooks with new features

javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById('scrapInputContainer').getElementsByTagName('a')[0], 'submit', 'true');


Delete Scrap:

This will delete first scrap from ur scrapbook. For 2nd scrap replace b6² by b9² , for 3rd scrap replace b6² by b12² ans so on
Same code can be used to delete scraps from others scrapbook (of course scraps dent by you).

In this case replace b6² by b3² (for 1st delete button), b4² (for 2nd) and so on

javascript: var rb = document.getElementById('b6²).onclick ; var strrb = rb.toString(); var rbparts = strrb.split('{'); var rbfinal = rbparts[1].split('}') ; location.href=javascript: + rbfinal[0];

New Friend: Accept
To accept new friend request which is shown on ur orkut home page! Note, this will work for first request if u have too many! u can increment b0² by 2 for next request and so on if u hv multiple requests and directly want to accept other than first request!

e.g. b2² for 2nd, b4² for 3rd.
javascript: var rb = document.getElementById('b0²).onclick ; var strrb = rb.toString(); var rbparts= strrb.split('); location.pathname=rbparts[1];

New Friend: Decline Works in the opposite way of new friend accept Executing this wil decline first request..
b1² in the script by 2 for 2nd request and so on
e,g, b3² for 2nd, b5² for 3rd.
javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById('b1²), declineFriend', );

Friend: Confirm yes: You will need to confirm whenever you are accepting a new friend request or sending a new friend request to someone

javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById('b1²), yes',);

Community: New Topic
While on a community, execute this to start a new topicjavascript: window.location.href = window.location.href.replace (/Community/,'CommMsgPost');

Community: Reply to Topic
While reading a topic on a community, execute this to reply to that topic

window.location.href = window.location.href.replace (/CommMsgs/,'CommMsgPost');

Community: Submit Post
After writing ur new post or reply, execute this to submit itjavascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById('b2²), 'submit')

Community: Confirm Join
javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById('b1²), join');
Profile: UPDATE button while editing profile

javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById('b1²), update', );

Actually this is not a web address but javascript which will execute submit button!

Again bookmark this address by naming Submit Scrap or something! The advantage of bookmarking is that u can directly open the bookmark after writing scrap!

Steps for bookmarking above codes into ur mobile browser:

  1. Copy content in text-box to say notepad and send that file to ur mobile.
  2. Open that file in any editor in mobile!
  3. Copy the script on clipboard! (using edit key in Nokia).
  4. Open ur browser and go to Add Bookmarks Option!
  5. Chose a name u like and paste the script in address field! OR U can manually create the bookmark by entering the script instead of copy-paste n sending a file to mobile!

Now once u have created these bookmarks, u can log into orkut fast as well as scrap someone!

In future will write code for other buttons if i found people interested in this cumbersome orkutting from mobile! U can subscribe to this blog to get updates automatically!


Rahul Bansal November 11, 2006

actually by saving javascript as bookmark and executing it afterwards does not insert any javascript into orkut pages!

say for example u have written scrap to someone! now only problem is how to click submit button! this javascript does only that thing!

actually javascript: is a protocol so u can bookmark it and open as a web address!
There are few more minor differences between javascript & javascript: !

I hope this has answered ur question right-way! Otherwise feel free to write anytime! 🙂

Franky November 11, 2006

Hey definitely good solution , i will orkutting frm mobile during free period. good

vick July 19, 2007

hi im using opera mini 4 beta, but there also v r not able to do scrap, i want to know that these java scripts will in Opera mini 4 beta…

Vick July 20, 2007

javascript for submitting scrap not working

souviksh November 13, 2006

Hi rahul its really a nice job.Finally i am able to scrap.It’s not very difficult job.Pls post tricks for other buttons.Pls ….I am waiting for ur post.

sanjit November 16, 2006

hey rahul , great work yaar…
plz post tricks for other buttons….
and ya do carry on with ur innovative works … all ur blogs are interesting and interesting….

sid1907 November 18, 2006

HEY…GR8 JOB BUDDY!!!…..IS THER Any chance u can write javascripts for joinin communities and acceptin friend request…cause there are a lot of us who use orkut thru mobile!!!!!…plz help

Santosh S Kumar November 25, 2006

Actually you are rite, but I have figured out a easy way to login to orkut on mobile.. a tiny url, which will refere you directly to orkut login page for mobile. In fact this trigged me to write more about orkut going mobile with it integrated to dodgeball.

Sunny November 27, 2006

thanks for the tutorial.
I wanted to use it on my nokia handset.

BTW, i created another easy to remember link :

the_blue_quill November 27, 2006

Great work dude. Awesome. Can you please post on how to add friends and accept invitations? Pls keep up the good work

Anonymous November 29, 2006

hey ! i just created a software by whcih you can easily send scraps to all of ur friends thru mobile . it was a a bit heavy s/w almost 15KB . it required permission from my service provider..thanx 2 dere co-operation i was able to test run it for quite a long time nd all my friends loved that …but pity from the day orkut has changed its format { reply stuff} it is not able to post the complete software i dunno why..i have been bugged out of my heads trying to solve it ….letc c if at all i can make the s/w run again properly or not ..

s/w name : orku-mobile
language : backend : java
frontend : typical symbian programming .

permission : require service provider permission.

present status : not working very well 🙂

Twilight Fairy November 29, 2006

(Off topic)
Is there any way one can see whether he/she has been blocked by someone in gtalk/gmail chat or is generally offline?

Much thanks.

Vishal February 20, 2007

Well I have a Sony Ericsson P910i & opera mini & it’s works absolutely the same way as wud do on a PC the only thing i’ve not tried is the gtalk !! I wonder if the software can be downloaded & installed on the device !!

Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

@Anonymous (s/w guy)
Wish u best of luck for ur software. If u need any help/contribution feel free to ask!

@Twilight Fairy
I dont know currently any way but will try to find-out one soon. As ur problem sounds interesting!

@Anonymous (
I personally suggest to avoid such links! They may compromise ur security!

I’m not sure whether GTalk is avilable for Sony Ericsson but u can try IM. This post may help u! 🙂

ballu April 16, 2007

U can use this url for direrct login to orkut

Anonymous April 16, 2007

Hey, thanks to you, now i can log in to orkut from my opera mini. But submitting scraps still remain a problem. When trying ur method, 1st i let the page to reload, then when i use the bookmark given by you(javascript….) the page reloads again without submitting the scrap. Plz help. Can mail me at [email protected]

Rahul Bansal April 19, 2007

First Welcome To Devils workshop! 😉
Now about ur problem,
in opera mini when u enter scrap text and press OK. page reloads automatically!
At this Point dont let it reload automatically, but stop its reloading and go to bookmark and open javascript bookmark to send a scrap!

Nice link but bookmarking is better and secure option as this link owner may redirect this link to fake login screen!

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

@Anonymous (about login problem)
First sorry for delayed reply!
Now a good news (solution too)… Orkuts homepage has been modified, so that you don’t need to deal with that long URL anymore… just hit and you will get login page correctly! 🙂

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

Its working dude… I am using same method from long time! DO it more carefully… Lemme know if it fails again! 🙂

muslim May 4, 2007

Hey Rahul u are an expert orkut user, just tell me how come 3 people add me as their friend without my permission one named Huma said that sorry to add u without permission, but can we be friends, but she had allready added me, then how can i say No. Hey Rahul just help yaar 3 people did this. Does that mean they hacked my orkut account

Pr@sannah May 4, 2007

yeah now simply typing in works, but the scrap script doesn’t work!!! any1 got a solution??

Rahul Bansal May 4, 2007

3 people hacking ur account is somewhat impossible! Who are they? Friends? Strangers? Do u know anyone of them?
It may happen some1 hacked ur account…
can’t say anything without much details!
Atleast gimme links to all related orkut profiles!

Did not u try above javascripts or opera trick???
They are working like charm for me! 🙂

tutz May 11, 2007

hey dey have changed d SUBMIT button to POST SCRAP…. so shud v make any changez in d javascript for submitting scraps on d opera mini???

Rahul Bansal May 11, 2007

Navneet posted following comment which was rejected by mistake!

Navneet Said:
Hey rahul great work.. N could u tell me how to update profile.. As the page reloads on clicking update.. N how to accept members of my community.. Plz send me on my mail [email protected]

Ans: To Navneet
Will update regarding this after my exams (ending on 22 may). Sorry dude!

Anonymous May 11, 2007

yes.. the submit button has been changed to post scrap so even i am unable to send any scrap..
please could somebody give us the new way of doing so. please!

Rahul Bansal May 11, 2007

@tutz & Anonymous(s)

Sorry guys for all trouble but it will take time from my side to come up with new code as I am busy with my exams!
But if you have some ideas or codes which can work lemme know!
By the way till then use Opera Solution which works fine for Nokia and windows mobile users!

Anonymous May 11, 2007

The new post scrap script is not workin on my opera mini…Plz help

Rahul Bansal May 12, 2007

Thanks for notifying me again!
The old code is in place now… 🙂

Aayush May 12, 2007

ALSO NOT WORKING javascript:_OS_writeScrap();

Anonymous May 12, 2007

The new post scrap script is not workin on my opera mini…Plz help

rakesh May 12, 2007

hey that submit scrap script is working now….it wasn’t working yesterday….because orkut had changed submit button to post scrap for one day….please let me know the script if they change it again….

Rahul Bansal May 12, 2007

Thanks again dude! 🙂
Nowadays I dont get enough time to orkut but I daily (actually hourly) read my mails n comments posted here!
So jus lemme in case u get probs in future n i wil update ASAP! 🙂

rakesh May 12, 2007

your welcome…..actually we have to thank you for finding the solution to Orkut from mobile devices….
but you still haven’t removed that “This is not working” tag next to Submitting Scraps on your blog……remove that please….and dont forget to update me if the code changes again….

Rahul Bansal May 14, 2007

About Opera Solution
Its for opera MOBILE and not for opera MINI.
Bad news Opera Mobile has no edition for your handset. Its for Symbian (All Nokia handsets) and windows based mobiles! 🙁

Good News
Posted buttons for profile updates! 🙂
Please specify buttons you wud like to have!
Wil serve as per demand as there are lots of buttons 😉

rakesh May 14, 2007

hey……i’m glad the scripting solution you gave is working but i couldn’t figure out how that opera solution works…..which version of opera do you need to make it work ??? i have a sony ericsson w830i with operamini browser and there is no options or navigation or find in operamini….

and i would be happy if you find the codes for updating profiles and many other buttons….

i want to add you as a frnd in orkut…gimme the link to your profile…

and all the very best for your ongoing exams…hope it gets over soon so that you can keep helping us out….lols !!!

rahul May 19, 2007

hi rahul phone is N70 but cant use opera 8.65 Vr yaar…previously it used to work but now it says ” server broke the connection ” or ” orkut server denies ” something like this …wht happ ? its poss to use opera mini but its not as easy as opera 8.66 pls reply me in yahoo …” [email protected]

rakesh May 19, 2007

i would like to have the codes for updating profiles….

Navneet May 19, 2007

Hey rahul… Thanks 4 providing javascript 4 update… But its not working dude… Check it out… N i have tried this even before u have posted…

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2007

The problem seems with your opera mobile 8.66.
Opera Mini is fast but as you like opera mobile you can try cleaning all private info including cache, cookies, login & history!
1. To do this, go to “Tools >> Private Data”
2. Open “Menu” and select “Mark All”
3. Again Open “Menu” and select “Delete Selected”

If this does not work try reinstalling opera mobile!
Lemme know about progress anyway! 🙂

@Rakesh & Navneet
The code for updating profiles will be out soon!
I don’t know the reason but above code should be working!
Anyway will definitely post working codes soon!

Rahul Bansal May 30, 2007

You are right. Original Orkut login page is having some problems in OPERA MOBILE. 🙁
But u can use this link. Its working 100% 🙂 (Read More…)

Girish May 30, 2007

hey rahul…
thanx a lot for such solutions…

but above posted problem is still there with me…
when i try to login …redirecting page comes..but login fails…the error showed was ” remote connection lost by server.”

i had been using that solution ….
but since a month or so there is the problem…
i tried your solution about cache …but not working…
help me pls…

Rahul Bansal May 30, 2007

Hey dude checkout updated codes for submitting scraps! 🙂

rakesh May 30, 2007

Hey Hero !!!!

We need your hellppppppppppppppp…..

Orkut has again changed the Submit Scrap button to Post Scrap……now I cant submit scraps from my mobile using your codes……

Please give us a solution ASAP………

tutz June 1, 2007

hey dude…dey changed it again….btw whrz d updated codes u mentiond to rakesh…cant find it anywhr…do post a link naa..

rakesh June 1, 2007

Hey Hero….you are a Genius !!!

Itz workinggggggggg………
I’m Happyyyyyyyyy………

Thxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!

Anonymous June 1, 2007


sunny June 1, 2007

Plz help as ourkut changes submit to post scrap for sending scraps and old javascript no longer work plz send me the newer one

Anonymous June 2, 2007


Rahul Bansal June 2, 2007

@Anonymous [update button]
I am aware of that problem but cant see a solution as of now! Its strange as codes are working fine from PC!

@Sunny [submit scrap]
Codes are already updated. You can use them!
Rakesh & Tutz have positively commented above same code 🙂

@Anonymous [Confirming Friend]
Code for confirming friend are working fine.
Anyway you don’t need above code in OPERA MOBILE as the “YES” button is clickable.
Also in OPERA MOBILE u dont need any code.Use OPERA SOLUTION as mentioned above! 🙂

Anonymous June 3, 2007


Rahul Bansal June 3, 2007

@Anonymous – [Firend Confirm- “Yes” button]
Sorry for trouble. Its working now. There was one character missing in script! Lemme know if its workin 4 u 🙂

Rahul Bansal June 4, 2007

@Anonymous – [Submit Scrap Code]
Codes for submitting scraps are working fine. Just tested it 🙂
Let me know if u r not getting how to use it so I can assist u further!

@Anonymous – [SUPERB MAN.. ]
Thanks 4 ur encouraging words!
Welcome To Devils Wo

Codes for submitting community post is updated! 🙂
Sorry for failure to publish working codes for UPDATE PROFILE button 🙁

Anonymous June 4, 2007


Gaurav June 4, 2007

hey rahul.first of all thanks a lot for posting these javascript codes.however Submit community post and Update Profile does not work.Can u please help me?

ROCKY June 9, 2007


Rahul Bansal June 9, 2007

First never post a comment in CAPS on this blog as I am very concern about user experience on DW readers!

Now Lets sort of your problem one-by-one! 🙂
FAN:- Its not impossibe but not worth also! Moreover there can not be one single line of code as above. So lets drop it here only! 🙁

Send Scrap To All:- Such solution exist but for PC only! It needs browser support like firefox or standalone software like OrkutCute!
As of now neither are available for Mobile! So sorry again. 🙁

Multicolor Scrap:- You can use formatting tips from orkut like if you want to write Devil in bold, write it as [b]Devil[/b].
Following is lise of complete such codes!

Bold: [b]text[/b]
Italic: [i]text[/i]
Underline: [u]text[/i]

Color Codes:
red: [red]text[/red]
Other color available:
aqua, blue, fuchsia, gold, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, orange, pink, purple, silver, teal, violet, yellow

For Smile :) = [:)]
8) [8)] :( [:(] :x [:x] ;) [;)] :D [:D] :o [:o] :P [:P]

rakesh June 27, 2007

hey !!! the text box which you have in this workshop…you cant copy the codes from a mobile browser….it was working before but now you cant copy the codes from your textbox to bookmark it in my mobile….please change this text box…

Rahul Bansal June 27, 2007

actually there is some formatting problem thats why the codes above are enclosed in code tag instead of textarea! (related bug report)
Anyway will try to resolve this issue soon! 🙂

sid1907 June 27, 2007

Hi….The javascript for submittin scraps isnt workin for me from today mornin[26/06/07]
i have tried it on opera mini 3.1 and opera mini 4 beta
plz help

also in opera mini 4 beta there is an option of gettin a cursor….But we cant choose the ‘post scrap’ option…..Plz help….

Thx and keep up the good work… 😉

Rahul Bansal June 27, 2007

modified the above code!
Now its working! 🙂

sid1907 June 27, 2007

Thx a million….Absolutely amazin….
Its the same script as the old one which was there for the ‘submit’ button…Only difference bein the ‘ _ ‘
hats off to u….Really wonder how u manage that…..Especially cause i dunno even the ‘j’ of javascripting…Lol

thx again….

Any luck wid the opera 4 beta
i noticed that any site without the “save me on this comp” option,i will have to re-login…Unlike in opera mini

ravi June 27, 2007

yaar i seen it all but its not working after puting that thg i get login window but filling it nd when i click on login
it says closed by remote server….
i have nokia 3230
wid opera 8.65 installed…
please help me dude…….

Rahul Bansal June 28, 2007

I do get similar problem many times!
Just clear cookies & cache it will work fine!

To clear cookies & cache:
1. Go To Menu >> Tools >> Private Data
2. Select Delete Cache
3. Select Delete Cookies
4. Go to Left Selection Menu and select “Delete Selected” option.

I hope it should work as I do perform above steps whenever I get error in Opera Mobile!

vivek June 28, 2007

hey rahul yar….much thanx to u that u hav an idea of javascript…gud job….but the thing is that i use opera mini for nokia 6600..i was well working 2 dayz back…bt from 27th or i again cant sent scraps through my mobile…wenever i choose bookmark…same page accurs again…plzzzzzzzzz help yar…

Rahul Bansal June 28, 2007

The code for sending scrap has been UPDATED yesterday!
So please just edit that bookmark!
Sorry for not maintaining change log!

tutz June 28, 2007

hey man…gr8 wrk again for fionding out d new codes for submitting d scraps…. btw didya find d codes for opera beta 4…. tried d same code as for 3.1… but d space aftr javascript is not coming…. hw to put space der????

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2007

Haven’t tested opera beta 4 yet!
Also you don’t need to bother about spaces in javascript codes! I put spaces to enhance readability. You can skip almost all spaces.
Well if I am getting u wrong then let me know! 🙂

mayank June 29, 2007

hii wel on dis complicated page i didnt find d updated script for sub’mit d scraps so pls send me d latest java script on my cel 09890801856 orelse as email me at [email protected]
pls dude sure send it i really need it……help me

Jean June 30, 2007

Dude,wer is the updated javascript for submitting scrap?i hav been searchng 4 days..thats y i finaly dcided 2 bother u..

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2007

Mayank & Jean
There is only one code for submitting scrap on this page and that is UPDATED!
Still for ur convenience!
Note it again…
javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById('b2'), 'submit', '');

Jean July 3, 2007

Thanx yaar..i had seen this one but i thought it was d older one before orkut changd 2 post scrap..they r so strikingly similar..anyway hats off 2 u…

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2007

Its not your fault. I am aware of bad design of this page that but I really do not have enough time to redesign this post! 🙁
By the way now onwards will highlight updated code somehow so that they will be easier to find! 🙂

lepakshi July 5, 2007

the javascript u provided 4 submit scraps is nt wrking at all

Rahul Bansal July 5, 2007

Its 100% working
Read the above post carefully!
Alternatively u can post details about steps u have followed 🙂

ROCKY July 4, 2007

HI.. somebody has created a profile as same as mine wid my photo.. he is doing many things which i don’t want him to do.. please help me na…. i will b greatful to u..?

Rahul Bansal July 5, 2007

You have to report abuse about it only through legal channels! Try contacting orkut and if its urgent u can go to Cyber Cell too!
I know I am speaking like a kid but thats d best way to do that!:-)

lepakshi July 6, 2007

the javascript u provided is nt wrking

the procedure i used :

1. First i signed in 2 my account
2. then i wnt 2 my frd’s scrapbuk 2 whom i wnted 2 scrap
3. then i wrote down wht i wnted 2 ..
4. then according 2 u i didnt pressed d post scarp button
5. instead i opened my book-page whr ur gvn javascript was loaded..
6. after i press ok…an error comes sayng malformed url…

now wht 2 do….plz help me out

Rahul Bansal July 6, 2007

Well Steps u r following are almost accurate!
In 5th step I guess u mean bookmarks page by book-page and also that page is already having javascript code as bookmark!

Note the above statement carefully! Cause if you are having correct bookmark probably added going to menu and executing add option u will be clicking on it.
So in 6th step there is no pressing OK, its clicking a javascript bookmark!


U can just cross check whether you have bookmark javascript code for their correctness as a single character can mess up whole thing!

It none of above helps please feel free to comment. We will definitely make it work! 🙂

ROCKY July 8, 2007

hi.. please give me a trick or any procedure by which i can change my photos in album to undownloadable format so that to stop them to b downloaded for misuse.. i don’t want to delete those photos, plz give me a way…

Rahul Bansal July 12, 2007

Technically everything which you can SEE or HEAR can be downloaded also!
So its IMPOSSIBLE to make undownloadble photos using EXISTING technologies!
So as a word of advice, dont upload anything personal on Internet in public domain.
There are services like Picasa (by Google), flickr (by Yahoo) which limits access to your albums to only people you invite explicitly. 🙂

Rakesh July 12, 2007

hey rahul…long time since i had the need to post a comment…howz you ???[8)]

the script for submitting scraps on operamini from my mobile is not working from yesterday(July 11 07)…[:(][:(][:(]…

and also its so hard to update your codes on my mobile because they are not inside a textarea…i have to bookmark the codes literally typing each character…that wastes a lot me my time…

please post the updated codes ASAP…otherwise my girlfriend will kill me…if i dont reply her scraps…lolz…[:D]

Rahul Bansal July 12, 2007

First thing I have tested SUBMIT SCRAP code and they are working fine. I guess it was temporory change by Orkut and if you are still having problem let me know again!
About textarea thing I still feel sorry for delay. But there are technical limitations I am facing on WordPress which I also explained in a comment above.
Anyway I promise that I will do something in this regard before end of July! 🙂
So ask ur girlfriends to hold on for sometime! 😉

Rahul Bansal July 12, 2007

Hey check man…I have solved textarea problem temporarily! 🙂
Still let me know if submit scrap is not working!

Rakesh July 13, 2007

hey hero…

the script for submitting scraps on operamini from my mobile is NOT WORKING from July 11 07…

i’m trying from two days…its not a temporary problem in orkut….your post shows that it was updated on June 28….
and hey that textarea problem is no more…thanks…

plzzzzzzzzzzz give me working codes…my girlfriend is upset already… 🙁

Rahul Bansal July 14, 2007

Hello Rakesh,
First sorry for not replyin on time as I am out of town!
Now being on the fly I am also accessing internet from my cellphone which is Nokia N70 and browser operamini.
Well as of codes in this post, I guess all are updated (atleast the one you are talking about is currently used by me).
Now I can think of following possibilities…
1. Try deleting and recreating this bookmark!
2. Try reinstalling the OperaMini (version 3.x) I haven’t tried this stuff with Opera Mini 4 series yet!
3. (This is not to scare u) Your girlfriend(s) might have blocked you! 😛
Dude, trust me code for sending scrap is totally crap and I am sure that no matter how often orkut changes it, we will figure it out in less than 24 hours! [:)]

Naman July 14, 2007

it used to work b4 but not now!!! [:o]

Rahul Bansal July 14, 2007

Naman, please specify which code are not working for you!

Rakesh July 14, 2007

boy….you’re code is still NOT WORKING !!! when are you going to post working codes ??? 🙁

Naman July 14, 2007

the scrap one!! well the one that is above didn’t work any time on my mobile!! I altered it by removing some commas and it worked!! but now none is working!!
other like join community etc. are working, though!!

Harsh July 15, 2007

Hey rahul, d submit scrap code isnt working since past 2 days.plz give a solution man….

Rakesh July 15, 2007

boy….i’ve tried scrapping many people…not just my girlfriend….i’ve tried it in both…operamini 3 and operamini 4 beta….submit scrap code is not working in both :(….and it would be impossible for my girlfriend to have blocked me…..i know her…she can never do that….and she’ll asking me why i’m not scrapping her… was working fine until sunday…now i dont know what the devil happened….its just not working….the page gets reloaded…but my scrap doesn’t get posted…it just stays there in the textarea….
we both talk in the night…on gmail and orkut…i talk to her from my mobile…because it saves a lot of my money…instead of smsing or talking on the phone….i was very happy when i found out how to Orkut from mobile on your blog….but now i’m a bit upset….do something for me…and do something fast…

Asad July 15, 2007

Hi um asad.Cn u tel me frm where shud i see da updated codes coz da older codes rnt workin 4 postng or sbmitng da scraps

Naman July 15, 2007

well, i’ve a problem in the scrap sending script…

earlier…a friend told me another script which didn’t have a semi coloun in last, it didn’t work on my mobile(W810i)…
i saw urs, it also didn’t work… so i combined both i.e. last from that and beginning from u!!

and it worked!!

but now none is working….
though others like joining community are working using my script!!

my script is:
javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById(‘b2’), ‘submit’,);
ya this worked but not now!!
i’ve opera mini 3.1, does it makes a diff.??

well this one’s still working..
javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById(‘b1’), ‘join’,);

pls cHECK It OuT
thanks for ur work Rahul… i read all above
u r really a good helper!!

and hey, can’t we write comments here using mobile??
i’ve to use Comp. it wastes time!!

anyways pls figure it out


Rahul Bansal July 15, 2007

Hello Guys,
I am extremely sorry for all the trouble. There were some encoding and other issues with textarea tag. So this post messed up although the mess was complete invisible.
Now just check out the above post all the code should work now, specially submit scrap as it is exclusively tested!
Also one bad news… I have to again remove textarea tags so copy-paste from your cell may not work!
Well as an hint you can create textfiles from your computer now.
Also coming up with something to take care of this bad news… (before July end I guess)
Sorry once again…
Enjoi orkutting… 🙂

PG July 19, 2007

Hey……Da scripts r again not working….So can u plz post new scripts for replying & sending scraps…..Thanx in advance…..

Rakesh July 15, 2007

hey man….the submit scrap thing is still not working….i have a sony ericsson w830i with operamini 3 installed….i can add a new friend using your code….but i cant submit a damned scrap….give us an entirely new solution….you said it works in your N70….but its NOT WORKING in sony ericsson….my friend also has a sony ericsson….even he reported the same problem….the code was working until sunday….now all of a sudden its not….i tried fiddling with your code, recreating the bookmark, reinstalling operamini….no go 🙁

Rahul Bansal July 15, 2007

Sorry dude, but I can not help it anymore I guess the only better thing wud be to wait til I create separate page for this!
Cause I do not have sony ericsson to test and its working great on Nokia N70! 🙁

vivek July 18, 2007

heyyyyyyy rahul plzzzzzzzzz help me dude .i jus wanna ask u that is there developed any software which woud hack the google or yahoo account…or the orkut acc.becoz 1 of my frndzzz hrentened thet hewud hack my acc. and he wud put s’thin lyk tym limit..and i wud unble to use my orkut….is that possible…….

Arun July 19, 2007

Hey rahul.. Reply button worked til like 2days b4 now its not.. 🙁

Ahsan July 20, 2007

It is actually possible to scrap other users using the “reply” from our own scrapbook.

For that we need to use the following bookmarklet

javascript:{ for (var i = 1; i

Ahsan July 20, 2007

but this script is also not working rite now!! was working well before

Arun July 20, 2007

Yea earlier i din had to book mark anythin for that reply button to work but just click the right end of the reply button and it gets posted just like that.. Now nothin is workin.. Wut to do ?

vick July 21, 2007

HI RAHUL plz help yaar, javascript for submitting not workin in operamini

Harsh July 22, 2007

Rahuls scripts were not working till yesterday for me. But its working again for me now. I suggest u guys also check it now or be patient 4 sometime.

Rahul Bansal July 22, 2007

Thanks Harsh, if you would not have let me know this I wud be still playing with old codes…

To all, its working again… 🙂

Pranav July 22, 2007

Thanks man…..Ða post scrap $cript is really working now……But reply scrap script is not working properly…..So can u plz post ða script for replying to scraps……….Also i heard from a friend that >>THUNDERHAWK

Rahul Bansal July 30, 2007

Wel as of now I go to my friends scrapbook to send a scrap to him/her.

The reply code is not hard but not either worth using 2!

Still let me know if you want it.. 🙂

Rakesh July 24, 2007

hey hero….that submit scrap script is working on my mobile now !!! 🙂

but what drives me crazy is…its the same code you posted 10 days ago :(….i’ll go mad if you dont tell me why this happened 😛

thank you once again…
will bother you again if i have any probs 😀

Rahul Bansal July 30, 2007

Wel as I remember Rakesh, orkut code was changed for 3-4 days, but I really dont know the reason for 10 days of trouble u have faced!

Anyway enjoi orkuttin before code stops working again… 😉

Rakesh August 13, 2007

hiii rahul !!!

i think its time to bother you again..he he he…
plz check your code once again…and let me know if it works….i’m facing the same problem again…i cant scrap from my mobile from saturday…

thxxx for all your help… 🙂

Rahul Bansal August 14, 2007

Its k Rakesh!
New codes are in place! 🙂

You can also edit old code! Just look for no. 2(two) in old code and change it with 1(one)! It should be working!

sugat August 15, 2007

hey dude I m using O2… goodwork man but I can’t login orkut I am getting login page but after login it shows loading and after no response yar.. can u tell me what’s wrong going with me?

Rahul Bansal August 16, 2007

what URL u r using for orkut??
I mean or the one that provided in this post?
Also note it happens sometimes because of network/server problems so just don’t worry about it!
Let us know if u r still having this problem! 🙂

sugat August 17, 2007

hey rahul I m using ur url that u submitted on.. but yar can’t able to login yar can u give me some suggesion for this plzz.

sugat August 18, 2007

hey rahul I found another soln to login orkut and it works fully like p.c. but yar problem is in sending scraps ur tips not working ..plzz tell me the way u use it.

Rahul Bansal August 22, 2007

Sugat First sorry for late reply! 🙁
I have just tested the code n method above and its working!
Please cross-check code again as I have recently updated it! 🙂

Ancho August 21, 2007

the post scrap script isn’t working.. I’ve tried with the opera mini and it never post.. The code seems to work bcause I copy and paste in the javascript url address to my computer’s web browser and in deed scrap, but when I try that code in opera mini nothing happends.. just blank screen with the script as title.. I’ve checked over and over again to see if it was a typing mistake, but nothing is different.. Thanks in advance from Paraguay.

Rahul Bansal August 22, 2007

Ur welcome Ancho!
First sorry for late reply! 🙁

Also let me tel you there are lots of javascript codes that work from PC browser but does not work in Opera Mini!

But in our case I have just tested the code n method above and its working! I feel you have updated code considering date you have commented on! But please note last change to the code is just single letter change! So be extra careful!

To make it further safe reload the scrapbook immediately before sending scrap!

Also problem may arise if you have slow internet connection or network congestion! 🙁

Please let me know if this fails to solve your problem… 🙂

Lolita August 22, 2007

Hey dude! Thanx 4 all ur help..:)

Rahul Bansal August 22, 2007

Your welcome Lolita!
Welcome To Devils Workshop! 😉

Ancho August 22, 2007

🙁 the script still isn’t working for me.. I write a text and the page reloads and the text is gone.. so, the script can’t be useful if there is nothing to scrap. If I stop the reload of the page and then try to use the script, also isn’t working.. What to do? I tried to change the b1 to b2 or b0 and nothing happens..

Rahul Bansal August 23, 2007

Sorry Ancho but I don’t know any further! 🙁
You can see comment just above by Lolita! Its working dude!
As a final try just let me know if you are using non-english version of orkut!
And if you do not wanna give up then mail me source code of the scrapbook page whenever you will open it from PC!
If I can do anything in your opinion let me know… It will be pleasure to help you out! 🙂

rAkEsH August 26, 2007

hiii rahul…

hey orkut has changed completely…and your post scrap script is not working 🙁 …but you can still scrap ppl but clicking “reply” in your

scrapbook….and you just hit post scrap…not your codes…

i want to know your solution….i should be able to go to my frnd’s profile and scrap them…i liked your solution… 🙂

hope you’ll figure out new code soooon 🙂

and thxxx a million for helping us all 🙂

Rahul Bansal August 27, 2007

New look of orkut isn’t reached to me yet! 🙁
So can’t predict the code in advance!

But if you are really desparate then we can have way out!
Save any scrapbook page on your hard disk!
It may be saved like scrapbook.aspx + a folder named scrapbook.aspx_files
zip the file n folder and mail me!

I think I can help looking at source code or wish Orkut enable this feature on my account ASAP!

AhSan August 26, 2007

hi rahul! are u?

brother can you plz tell me how to reply in topics using opera mini ????


Rahul Bansal August 27, 2007

Hello Ahsan!
First sorry for replying late as I don’t blog on weekends!

Wil check the issue and will revert back soon!

In meantime just check whether clicking on the reply button works or not!

Lolita August 29, 2007

Hey Rahul !!
HELLLLLLP !!! None of the codes r working wid the new look orkut.. Rest alone d codes.. I dont even see a text area in others scrapbooks..:-(.Where shall i write??

Please do something!!

And thanx in advance..I knw u can crack this problem..As u always have! 🙂

Rahul Bansal August 30, 2007

As of now updated code to submit scrap!
Other codes will be working in a day or two! 🙂

About Textbox… Even I didn’t get it first time but I got it yesterday! 🙂

Lemme knw if its still invisible…

sugat August 30, 2007

hey man that javascript not working in my o2…. so what I have to do now… hey u know how to update intrnet explorer of pocket p.c.

pittu August 31, 2007

hey man javascript not working in my w700i so what I have to do now. the problem is when im loging in my mobile ur scripts are not working but if any person login and usaing my mobile for sendind scraps ur scripts are working.

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2007

Pittu I guess ur account has been blocked temporarily!
Scripts are unbiased so don’t feel that they are mean to u! 😀
Anyway try sending scrap from PC, if it works try again from ur cell…
Also if u r using browser other than Opera-Mini and it supports cache then try clearing that! 🙂

Lolita August 31, 2007

Thanx a zillion!!!!

Its WORKING man… Am Happy!!! 🙂

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2007

I thank u Lolita for your positive feedback! 🙂
All other negative comments freaked me out for sometime and I was about to waste a little more time tasting new code…

Apurv September 1, 2007

Man this didn’t ever work out on my 6233 opera mini 3.21 neither did the updated trick 🙁
tried a zillion times…helpppp

Rahul Bansal September 4, 2007

Well as of now only submit scrap code should be working!

Pranav Gupta September 5, 2007

Good news for all u great people over there….Now u can browse on ur cel xactly as u do on ur pc…..Just download the latest version of opera mini…. i.e. Opera mini 4 beta 2….U can use orkut normally & most of da features of orkut r supported…For eg..Sending scraps,replying to topics,updating profile…Etc….But Rahul plz keep on posting scripts as i also like da previous version of opera mini…Thats a request man….

Rahul Bansal September 6, 2007

First sorry for late reply!

Now THANKS for Opera Mini 4 Updates!

About codes for old Opera Mini(3x)… Wil publish ASAP… may be starting from monday as I am out of town on this weekend.

Let me know which buttons’ script you want to have first so will try to update as per ur priority! 🙂

t.r. September 19, 2007

plz send me idea gprs settinge for sony ericsson w830i

Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

First sorry for late reply man… :-()(

Now try this faq as it has lots of info…

Better dial ideas customer care for some good help… 🙂

Shawb October 29, 2007

People, try out Opera Mini 4 Beta. It is too cool – has got zoom, landscape mode and mouse pointer. And guess what, you can scrap in Orkut without any bookmarks.

Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

Better upgrade to Opera Mini 4.
Its out of beta and really working beyond once imagination! 🙂

troydus November 8, 2007 proxy to access orkut/myspace proxy to access orkut/myspace proxy to access orkut/myspace
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Please tell all your friends about and enjoy 24×7!!!


Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007


Nice working proxy! thanks 4 that… 🙂

But please next time do not post comment on irrelevant post.

Dileep November 27, 2007


Now since many day i am not able to see the content of the scrapbook using operamini on my sony z550i mobile. Initially i was able to post scrap and see my scrapbook contents too.

please can any one help me out to solve the problem

Rahul Bansal November 27, 2007

Why dont u try which i have mentioned above?? 🙂

bones January 7, 2008

guys could u plz tell me how can i acces orkut from my motorola set…….coz opera don t work on motorola

Rahul Bansal January 9, 2008

First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for a 5-days vacations! 🙁

Now which motorola handset do you use??

Did you try Opera MINI?? Its different than Opera Mobile!

Do write back your handsets model no. so we can figure out something for your handset! 🙂

-Rahul 🙂

Bones January 11, 2008

i ve got motorola L7……….yeah i ve tried opera mini but it does nt work on motorola sets i guess

Rahul Bansal January 11, 2008

There may be some other problem with your handset or network.
OperaMini works on Motorola L7. Following are links you can use…
To download OperaMini on Phone
TO download OperaMini on PC

Let us know if this solution doesnt work for you!

Nitin January 21, 2008

Hi dere,

its a gr8 site to learn few things…i appr4eciate this.
i have a problem if you can help me out.

i ahve used a script to sedn a blank scrap and when the user click on any button on the scraped scrapbuk he got logged out..

now i want to remove that scrap, bt unable to do it…!!!


Rahul Bansal January 21, 2008

Solution to your problem is posted here… 🙂

Amit March 21, 2008

hey guys…

for login related problems,

just go to KPROXY.COM and enter there

u’ll get a login page

enter id and password there,
now u are in…


Rahul Bansal March 22, 2008

Thanks for info amit but we are discussing mobile orkutting here .
Using proxy will slow down processing unnecessarily! 🙂

Ravi August 23, 2008

hey amit can you tell me,how can i use orkut on my Motorola A1200