Firefox 7 is Super-Fast: Will it Challenge Chrome?

Mozilla Firefox has been a favored browser for many who are using Chrome now. One reason for me to move from Firefox to Chrome was its speed and relatively being light-weight on resources.

But lately, Chrome has often become a bit of a resource hog, while Firefox which keeps pulling out new released every few weeks has become lighter and a lot faster.

Firefox 7 is now available for download.

Features of Firefox 7

  • Firefox 7 claims to be use 20% to 30% less memory than its predecessors. That means the browser runs a lot smoothly even if many tabs are open.
  • It supports faster HTML5 animations along with many improvements to the speed of the browser.
  • It has news tools which will help developers create faster web apps that run on Firefox.
I am not certain if it will be able to stop Chrome’s growth but it will make current users very happy. Also recently Chrome browser has had some issues with management of resources. This might give Firefox browser a good boost.

Download Firefox

Here are the links for download Firefox 7 on all platforms.
Do try out the latest version of Firefox and drop in your comments about it.


Sagar September 29, 2011

Yes Aditya, I agree Firefox has improved itself with memory management, but I still feel it can improve, I do not feel it is as smooth as Chrome, also FF has an issue with compatibility of add-ons with a newer update, many of the add-ons are incompatible. I stick to Chrome for now.

Aditya Kane September 30, 2011

@Sagar: Apparently 97% of addons are compatible with FF.

nb October 3, 2011

This version is really fast. Chrome is good, but it’s loosing territory.

Aditya Kane October 4, 2011

I am not sure Chrome is losing territory because speed is just one criteria for liking chrome. But future will be more interesting.