Firefox Extension – Now You Can See The Progress Bar Above Each Tab

Here is the Firefox extension that increases tab utility. Usually progress bar appears in the status bar but this add-on integrates the progress bar above the tabs.  Progress Bar Tab is a Firefox extension that enables us to watch the progress meter above each tab when a web page is loading. The benefit of using this add-on is that you can simultaneously watch the progress bar without switching back to the previous tab.

In the below image you can notice the progress meter which is just above the tab and increases as the web page is loaded.


You might have many add-ons installed in your Firefox browser, one thing you should  take care that it is not compatible with Firefox extension “Tab Mix Plus” since it implements a feature rather similar to one of Tab Mix Plus’s.

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Link : Progress Bar Tab

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  1. Nice addon.Thanks for sharing.Gonna use it now…

    I like the posts about addons in this site… It really helps me not to put more effort in finding them seperately… 🙂

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