Organize Status Bar With Firefox Extension

Below image is a screenshot of my Firefox browser, as you can see there are many add-ons scattered in the status bar. To arrange these add-ons according to your choice, Firefox has an extension called Organize Status Bar as its name suggest it helps re-arrange add-ons  lied in the status bar of your Firefox browser.


It is useful in case, lets take an example I had the the habit to click at the right-bottom for firebug but when I installed new add-on it took the place of firebug and whenever I wanted to click on the firebug by mistake that new add-on is been clicked everytime. So I searched for an add-on that can organize the status bar icons and I finally found this add-on.

Download and install this add-on.

Option available at menu Tools > Organize status bar.

orgainze status bar

As soon as you select any item the add-on will be highlighted in the status bar.

orgainze status bar-option

Its easy to use one can change the add-ons position using this add-on.

Do drop in your views and comments.

Link : Organize Status Bar

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