Firefox Home to Sync Desktop Browser with iPhone

In an effort to provide a personal Web experience with more user experience, Mozilla is all set to bring Firefox to iPhone.

According to Mozilla blog, we may not see Firefox as a web browser coming to iPhone due to some technical or privacy reasons, but this app called Firefox Home lets you sync your Firefox desktop client to take your Browser session with you.

The app is an outcome of Mozilla Labs project called Weave Sync for iPhone on which the developers have been working since January. Firefox Home provides iPhone users access to browsing history, bookmarks and tabs from their recent desktop browser session. This  gives Firefox desktop users an ability to “browse on the go” by choosing tabs from their desktop browser history.

If the submission and approval for the App is smooth, it is expected to reach the App Store next month. Opera joined the list of Web browsers on the app store few months ago. Firefox Home is expected to make life difficult for the Opera App, since the Web pages would open up in Safari itself, which is the default browser for the iPhone.
Check the preview below to know more about the App:

This app is not a complete Web browser, and is a clear indication of how Mozilla is shaping itself according to Apple’s rules, to bring the app to the store.

What do you think about the app? Let us know.


Tech Sputter May 28, 2010

Is the news for real……?
I guess iPhone will rock really after it gets the Mozilla Firefox

Sahil Malhan May 29, 2010

The news is real! 🙂