Watch Google page crumble before your eyes [Video]

Watch a Google page crumble before you eyes including its search results dropping down as if the browser has some issues. This is to show of Chrome's abilities as a browser as you cannot view the website with Internet explorer.

Google Chrome has often been considered the cooler browser when it came to Internet Explorer. Chrome is considered to have better speed and performance which is generally accepted. Current version of Internet Explorer simply cannot match up but maybe it might with its next version.

I came across this very interesting website site on which you can literally see the Google Home page crumble before you eyes. What is more the various elements like the search bar and Google symbol can be bounced around.

What is incredible about this page is that you can left click and hold on an element on the page like the Google symbol or even the search bar and bounce it around along the browser.

This is obviously meant to show off Chrome’s superiority as a browser. The developer also has a great sense of humor as when you open this website with Internet Explorer it displays the message that “You browser is not cool enough for this website” 🙂

You can check the site at mrdoob projects and do check out the video below which I created to demonstrate how cool this website really is.

Do try out the website and maybe even play a prank on someone with this one. Do let me know your views through your comments.


sumanth May 29, 2010

OMG!!! superb site..A person not knowing dis will be really shocked by seeing the google crumbling..And do u know which web technolgy is used der..By the way how do u came to know dat site..

Aditya Kane May 29, 2010

Not sure what technology it uses but you can probably contact the developer. I came across this website while chatting with a friend.

Sumanth May 29, 2010

Any way site is Superb…Thanks for sharing it..

Neeraj Kumar May 29, 2010

Wow, that cool.
Will come in handy to play pranks !
Great share 🙂