Five useful facebook widgets for your website/blog

Today we are going to discuss on 5 important widgets modified by Facebook for your blog or website. These widgets might be useful for you if you are an active user of Facebook and want to share your Facebook profile, photos, pages or just updates ( Live Stream) with those who visit your blog/website.

Personal Profile Widgets:

Profile Badge: This is a basic widget from Facebook which can be used to share your Facebook’s profile on your website. This widget is highly customizable in which you have a wide range of items to select from like, profile pic, name, networks, Email, screen name, birthday,mobile number, websites, status updates, recent pics, events, notes and posts. To use this widget go to this page, to customize it use this page.

Photo Badge: This is a simple widget by which you can share your recent Facebook pics on your Website. You can share upto 8 photos. Use this page to use this widget.

Website or Business Widgets:

Fan Box: It allows your visitors to become a fan of your facebook page. You can also share your Facebook page’s stream here. You must have the administrator privileges of any page on Facebook to use this widget.

Live Stream: Use this widget to make a live streaming in which anybody can share some information about your website. Can be used as live chatting box for your website. You can also view your friend’s recent status updates.

Page Badge: Again this widget is for page admins. It is very simple and a very useful widget for your website. You can use this to show your latest status update, number of fans e.t.c. Check an example of Page Badge below,


To know more about these widgets, go to Facebook Widget’s home.


Brain Waves Technology February 4, 2010

Great Informative article, Thank you very much for the information this will be very handy we are learning about facebook widgets ~blogs…

Mike Anderson September 24, 2010

I am looking for a facebook widget or code I can add to my website that creates a wall post with a picture (that I provide) that a visitor can share with their friends (on their wall). After sharing the post, they get a thank you message with a coupon code. The idea is to give a 10% discount on a purchase for sharing their intent to purchase with their friends on Facebook. For example, the post could read, “I am going to buy this cool surfboard rack from Cor Surf, and they are giving me $5 off just for sharing this with my friends. Check out the rack I’m buying!” and then a link to the product page.