Flash Arrives In Google Chrome Browser, Taking Too Much Time To Update

As promised by Google Chrome, Flash arrives in Chrome stable version on Thursday. Chrome 5.0.376.86, that is the latest stable version of Google Chrome released for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. There are many bug fixes in the latest version, including cross-site scripting vulnerability.


Chrome will automatically update the Flash new version therefore you don’t see any notification to download or update the Flash in your browser. It will definitely increase the security of your browser.

How to get the latest version of Chrome

You can download the latest version from the Chrome official site. If you are existing Chrome user then you can update the old version to latest version by the method given below.

  • To get the latest version of Chrome, you need to update your browser. To update it, go to wrench icon on the top right and click on “About Google Chrome”.

about google chrome

  • Chrome will start checking for update. In my case, it took about 15 minutes to update it to the new version. I think it is because, it downloads the latest version of Flash along with updating it to latest version.

google chrome update

Did you have the same experience to update the Chrome to the latest version? Tell your experience in the comment section.

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