Flash Arrives In Google Chrome Browser, Taking Too Much Time To Update

As promised by Google Chrome, Flash arrives in Chrome stable version on Thursday. Chrome 5.0.376.86, that is the latest stable version of Google Chrome released for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. There are many bug fixes in the latest version, including cross-site scripting vulnerability. Chrome will automatically update the Flash new version therefore you don’t […]

Apple’s Clever Response To Adobe’s “We Love Apple” Campaign!

Apples clever and funny response for Adobe’s recent “we love apple” and “we love choice” campaigns.
Apple response highlights problems that may surface from dependency on flash in funniest way possible, mocking and knocking out Adobe at the same time!

Apple Vs Adobe: No Flash on iPhone OS, again.

The news is finally out yesterday! Adobe won’t spend any more time in making Flashavailable for development on Apple’s iPhone OS!  The statement came after Apple changed their developer program license for iPhone OS 4, disallowing development of applications with anything else than approved by Apple. (which includes Adobe’s tool) Non availability of Flash plug-in […]