Flattr: a revolutionary micro-payment system!

Times have changed and even people in countries like India feel like appreciating Free stuff which they use with some small donations. People around the World especially the users in the western countries already donate generously for small as well as big efforts, for e.g. Mozilla, Wikipedia and small app developers.

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People still feel what if they are able to donate some very small amounts to a lot of such developers and organizations, as PayPal and other processors makes it virtually impossible to transfer any amount less than US$1.

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This is the reason Flattr came to existence. Flattr’s concept itself is derived from the problem people face in appreciating small but a lot of efforts. It let people credit their accounts with a smallest monthly donation of 2 Euros and then just clicking a button on the developer’s website fulfils the wishes. Flattr is a give and get concept, you must donate to get something in return. While the return completely depends on the number of clicks on your Flattr button, your donation can still remain the tiny 2 Euros.

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Flattr charges 10% of whatever amount you receive in donations to keep itself running. Check out the video to get a very nice explanation.

This video clearly explains what is Flattr!

Please do comment on what you feel about such small websites creating a massive change in today’s world, in the way things operate and what else can be done to bring more such changes. Don’t be late, I’ll be waiting to hear from you 🙂

LINK: Flattr Website

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