Flexamail: Take a snapshot of a website without visiting it

In the past I wrote about using Flexamail a service which could be used for using Facebook and Twitter through Email without even the need to visit Twitter or Facebook. Now thanks to a tip by Michael Fleischauer I can share with you new features with Flexamail which allow you to get a pdf file of a webpage by using email client.


Website in PDF

  • First I needed to register with Flexamail with my Email Id.
  • Once you are done with that just log into the Email Id which you have used for registering with Flexamail.
  • Now I sent an email to the address [email protected] and with the subject line :www.devilsworkshop.org
  • Once the email was sent Felxamail takes the webpage indicated in the subject line and converts it into a pdf file and sends it back to your email id as an attachment.
  • So basically now if your browser is not working or if you cannot access a particular website you can simply use your email to fetch it.

Another handy new feature with Flexamail is that I can send an email to [email protected] and with subject line of any website I want to covert to pdf. Once done, Felxamail saves the pdf file on its servers and you can fetch the file by sending an email to [email protected] I get a return mail with all the files stored by me on Flexamail. I can also log into Flexamail website and download the saved pdf files. This is ideal for taking snapshots of a website and keep it for later reading. Basically a great way to archive a particular webpage into pdf format.

Here is a video which explains in detail how you can use the new features.

Let me know if you like the new features of Flexamail which in way allows you to browse the internet through your email client and without the need of a browser. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Flexamail

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Cebu Tech Blogger February 8, 2010

I was a bit confused with the title. I thought it has something to do similar with Cool Previews add-on on Firefox which allows you to preview a link of a website. But Flexamail is different. It’s basically more on browsing, not just preview. I’ll just watch the video when I get home. (I’m at work)…