Follow Google IO Developer conference on Twitter, Buzz and YouTube

With Google expected to announce Google TV and quite a few new features at their annual Google IO developer conference you can keep up with it and follow it on Twitter, Buzz and YouTube.

Remember last year’s Google Wave announcements and the tremendous anticipation it created amongst all Google lovers? Google Wave was unveiled to the world at Google IO Developer conference last year in May. Tomorrow is the day when the next this years conference will take place. It is usually a place where Google announces new products and services.

You can follow Google IO Developer conference on Twitter, YouTube and Buzz live.

The Big expected announcements by Google

  • One of the biggest expected announcements or unveiling is Google’s foray in to Television with the advent of Google TV which will have Android OS being made available on set top boxes.
  • Another big announcement could be future plans on Google Wave technology and Apps that could be made available to the everyone.

Follow Google IO developer conference on Twitter and Buzz. Along with that you can see live streaming of the keynote address of the conference on YouTube.

This conference will start on 19th May 2010, at 9.00 am PDT or 9.30 pm IST.

Do let us know what you expect from Google this year?