Is this the future of our television sets? Sony unveils Google TV powered sets

A few days ago Google TV was launched as a product. Google TV has started a new revolution some would say. The revolution diversifying into television from the internet. I do not think that is the case. I think Google believes (probably rightly) that television coverage will be through the internet. YouTube’s success must have […]

Google TV goes live and has a social layer with Twitter

Google TV was announced earlier this year during the Google Developer IO conference. Not many details were out then but Google has recently showcased some interesting apps with Google TV.

There are two ways at the moment one can avail of Google TV. One is to get a standalone smart TV or the other is a separate box to use with the current TV.

Google TV to be showcased next month during Google IO developer conference

A couple of months ago I wrote about Google getting into Television with its android apps for Dish Network and also entering with agreements with TV set manufacturers. I recently read on Mashable that Google TV will be unveiled during Google IO developer conference next month in May. Google IO Developer conferences is where Google […]