Google TV to be showcased next month during Google IO developer conference

A couple of months ago I wrote about Google getting into Television with its android apps for Dish Network and also entering with agreements with TV set manufacturers. I recently read on Mashable that Google TV will be unveiled during Google IO developer conference next month in May. Google IO Developer conferences is where Google usually showcases the next big product they are going to introduce. Last year they had introduced Google Wave.

Google will introduced the Android based Television platform during this conference and has probably entered into deals with hardware manufacturers like Sony, Intel and Logitech, who will release products on Google TV platform.

In all probability Google is betting that most television content in 5-10 years will be handled through internet connections and having a television platform will give it a great head start over competitors regarding apps and search content features.

Why is Google eyeing the TV screen?

There are three screens which dominate our everyday life regarding managing and accessing information. They are computer, mobile and television screens. Google already has a presence on two out of three and it wants to now have a presence in handling information on the TV screens.

In the future we might not really have channels regulate timings for our favorite shows but we might have to subscribe to shows through the internet and download or stream favorite shows on our television sets. This will be surely a place for Google search to get involved for people to search through a large repository of data on which show needs to be looked up by customers.

Google also owns YouTube and if YouTube videos could be streamed online to our television sets it could completely change the way we watch TV.

So what do you think? Will Google change the idiot box like it changed the internet? Do drop in your comments and views.