Follow a Google+ Profile on Google Reader: RSS Feeds

Google Plus has sparked off a good number of third-party extensions and online apps. As more and more people adopt Google+, we might find it a little over-whelming to follow many public profiles. A good idea would be to have a RSS feed of that particular Google+ profile, so we can easily follow it via Google Reader or other RSS Readers.

In came to know in a blog post, about plusfeed.appspot which allows creating RSS of Google+ profiles.

Creating RSS Feeds of Google+ Profiles

  • First look up the Google+ profile you are looking to visit. Every profile has a unique ID number which is also part of the profile’s URL.
  • Just copy that number as shown in the image below. I decided to follow Larry Page (Founder and CEO of Google) on Google+.


  • Now append that number to so it looks something like
  • This will create a RSS feed of the page, all that is left to do is to add the URL into your Google Reader and you get a feed of the Google+ profile’s posts.


This way we can keep track of all posts of profiles which share a lot of public updates with our Google Reader. You might also want to look-up an easier way to remember the URL of your Google+ profile or a chrome extension to move your Facebook albums to Google+.

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Link: Plusfeed

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Digital Imagination July 24, 2011

nice tutorial to get back to Google+…