Follow Twitter with hovercards without leaving website [Video]

A few days ago I wrote about @anywhere feature of Twitter which will revolutionize Twitter usage for websites. This is actually a development forum launched by Twitter which anyone with a Twitter account to create and register a Twitter API.

About Twitter Anywhere

  • @anywhere is like a call back function in PHP which will allow developers to include Twitter hovercards and suggested follow buttons on Twitter.
  • This basically means everywhere you see @username it will show up a hover-card with which you can follow the person from the web-page itself.

Here is a video by @allnick on how to setup Twitter Anywhere

Do let us know if you liked these features and if you will find it more easier to follow and retweet people much easier? I think this will increase the use of Twitter by quite a margin over the long term and its redesign plan would further enhance Twitter.

Do let me know your views through your comments.

One Comment

Arafat Hossain Piyada April 20, 2010

The feature look nice, I’m eagerly waiting for Twitter new interface and hoping it will make Twitter more secure and fun place.