Twitter will become omnipresent on the web with @anywhere

Twitter has decided to grow its presence even more than before. For the moment we go to You Tube to look at clips be like and share with with short URLs on Twitter. When we visit a web-page we need to share that link on our Twitter accounts through Tweetmeme or actually copy paste it with some Twitter App.

Now with Twitter @anywhere we will be able to Tweet about links from that page itself.

About @anywhere

  • According to Twitter blog, this will allow webmasters to allow visitors to share things on Twitter without requiring to visit Twitter applications.
  • This will not be a Twitter API but a few lines of JavaScript which will allow Twitter to be tied to the websites in the image above.
  • This will allow websites to allow visitors to interact using Twitter in many new ways. Example in the future if DW has enabled this @anywhere concept on our blog you will be able to follow me on twitter without needing to leave the page you are reading. đŸ™‚

What do you think about this new feature that Twitter will roll out? I think Twitter will make itself omnipresent all over the internet and that seems like good news.

Do drop in your comments to tell me what do you think such innovations will lead to?