Free File Sharing from Opera

Worried about sending files through an email, or a single file being too large to send by an email? Not any more says Norway’s Opera!

Opera, a couple of days back, introduced free File Sharing – a simple and safe way to share files directly from your computer. The new service is a part of Opera Unite and allows you to share music, documents, pictures, etc. right from your personal computer.

There is no need to sign up for third-party file sending applications, or set up an FTP service. All you need to do is send your friends the unique URL and they can instantly see your files.


Opera Unite

Opera Unite claims to make serving data as simple and easy as browsing the Web. Opera Unite services give greater control of private data and make it easy to share data with any device equipped with a modern Web browser.

Opera is the world’s third-largest browser maker with about 40 million users, but is far behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox.

Stats from StatCounter

  • Internet Explorer –  about 60 % of global Internet traffic
  • Firefox – about 30 %
  • Opera – about 4 %
  • Followed by Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari

Even though Opera has a small percentage share of the desktop browser market, but its mobile browser is the most widely used browser on handsets.

Has anyone used Opera’s file sharing service yet?

(Image credit: Opera)